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AWR recruiting Ps3 and 360 members (aus only)

We are a clan that originated competitively on the wii consile and since then have expanded our fronts to all consoles.


This means that currently our numbers have thinned out as wii players have left for other clans and all remaining members have gotten different consoles.


Currently we are listed on eilte and have a working website.




We are building up to do small scrims against other clans and gb teams. This means that we are looking for numbers.


We  are all chill and have fun playing the game, and are known for organising open lobbies with members and people on our friends lists.


If you wish to participate in one, my psn is awr_exor, and my friends list is nowhere near full


In order to join all you have to do is jump onto the website, and visit the forums. Inside there there is different applications and areas for each console.


When your application is made, come back in about a day when one of our admins has had a chance to check out the app and reccommend you to a tester.


Your kd doesnt have to be amazing atm our only limit is 1.00


Thankyou for your time and consideration of the application. And i appologise in advance if the chat box on the website is currently unpopulated. as i stated above, numbers are low.


Feel free to message me on here as well if you would like to have a private scrim against a couple of our members for some fun.