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Pre-orders are ruining the video game industry.

Title says it all... The rise in pre-ordering has lead to a huge decrease in quality.. and for obvious reasons.


When you hand over your $60, you are doing so with no chance you can return the game if you dont like it or if it doesnt work. thats unheard of in any other industy on the planet... ok save for drugs... lol...


So what incentive does a publisher have to dump money into testing or top tier talent? none. Activision just made $700m... they would have made that if they released the best playing FPS ever made, or if they release a buggy mess.. as a business, which would you choose? im sure if the possibility of $400m in returned product existed it would make them work harder dont you think?


by you (and me, lets face it) giving them your money up front, you are removing any incentive to produce a quality product.. back in the day, a company would have to come out with an outstanding product to gain customers.. now its marketing for pre-orders.. to them, what you actually think of the final product is irrelevent.. it just doesnt matter.. look at MW3... 2 patches in under 2 weeks and still countless issues.. remember before patching when games worked on day 1.. they still could, they have just fooled the younger customers into thinking these half assed releases are normal... but game companies are no longer forced to perfect their products... they can release them half finished and continue to work on them at their leasure after you have paid them in full.


i know this is pointless... but its worth a shot anyways... lol... stop pre-ordering games.. demand quality for your money. they are even starting to cheap out on the bonuses!! a 12 cent plastic dog tag..... yeah, thats worth my non-refundable $60....


we have given this company almost a billion dollars for this title... a billion!!!!! for that kind of money, no issue should take this long.... bring in more knowledgable people, overnight new hardware.. etc... a billion dollars should buy some service.... but nope.. lets send FourZeroTwo out somewhere to sell more copies, to hell with updating existing pissed off customers.. just an example, i really dont care what he does.. lol


Activision can sit back and ignore all the negative feekback and say "look at my earnings report, na na nanana" and act like this hugely successful company when in any other industry, they would have gone bankrupt long ago for the way they conduct business..

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    1) your entire theory is wrong, all pre ordering does is allow people to reserve a copy of agame that was comming out in the same state anyways. even if you didnt preorder a game you cant take it back


    2) ACTVI haven't MADE 700 million, thats gross not net.


    3) from the onset of pc gaming games have been released with shock horror bugs and glitches.. nothing new there,

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      its not wrong but maybe i wasnt clear on this...


      the general reception is pretty bad... how many people would have returned the game if they could? well they cant but...


      activision made almost all of that money in pre-orders alone... that pre-order before release takes all pressure off them..... it simply doesnt matter how the game is, they have your money and you cant get it back. period.


      if nobody pre-ordered it.. they wouldnt dare release the game in the state its in because word gets out and nobody buys it...


      but you are simply splitting hairs.... if thats all you can find wrong with what i said then job well done to me... haha