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Am i the only one having a serious problem with hc s&d team killing at the spawn??


I can't see anyone else speaking up about this? Can someone anyone please tell me why they took away ricochet? I have tweeted Robert Bowling 3 times now but he seems to just reply to people who have a large following. Typical. At this stage every single game of hc s&d i go to play some no skilled little noob child mostly children come in and think its a great laugh to wreck the game for the other 11 players. Have also seen clan members from other teams back out come back in get on our team and spawn kill us all. so not only have ye wrecked the best game mode in my opinion and many others ye have now gave them a new way to boost. Yesterday we had a 3-3 really good game of hc s&d going and some kid joined and spawn killed my whole team. makes me not want to play this game no more. And it is all the makers fault these kids wouldn't be team killing if ye didn't let them! I'm so pissed off and please if anyone have any answers please share . Thank you.