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Rapid Fire Type 95 Glitch

People keep saying the type 95 is OP,I though ill use it,I didnt like it,So i though ill wait until i get rapid fire,I used rapid fire,And it does NOTHING,The ROF is still the same,Please fix this glitch?


And dont say Type 95 noob please.

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    The Type 95's rapidfire only increases it's burst speed

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    Check out the unlocks for the Type 95 in elite....

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    It's only a matter of time the non-forumers figure out it's overpowered and the game is ruined.

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      I said,Please dont say its OP,I know it is,But most weapons kill in 3 shots,This one kills in 2 plus its burst and has pathetic range,This is just a glitch that i think needs to be fixed.


      Oh,By the way,Why the heck would i buy Elite?

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        Do you need to buy it to view the weapon unlocks? My bad!


        Well if you had you would notice that the Type 95 doesn't list Rapid fire as an unlock at all.

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        But on top of the damage, it has like no recoil and it fires very fast. But the problem isn't the long-range capabilities. It's a burst-fire gun. That's supposed to be its strength. The problem is the close range damage.


        It's like the M16 from CoD4 with Stopping Power, Double Tap, and a super-Grip. If they nerfed the close-range damage, it'd still be a good gun because of the fire rate and accuracy.


        People are getting smart and starting to use it. Earlier I played S&D on Mission and 5/6 enemies camped with the Type 95 in their spawns. The damage is so high, combined with laser accuracy, it kills you before you can hide/run away.


        Once again, I don't recommend they nerf it to the point of being unviable. That's not balance. I only recommend they nerf the close-quarters capabilities by.. less accurate hip-fire and 49 damage. Still would excel at longer ranges.

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    I assumes it would decrease the time between bursts rather than increase the rate of the burst. Same deal with the MK14, otherwise there would be no rapid fire attachment for these guns.

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    The Wii team at Treyarch just doesn't like rapid fire for some reason. It was broken on a few guns back in Black Ops and some on MW3 like the PP90M1 are broke as well. It seems that rapid fire doesn't work on any gun that has a RPM higher than 1000.


    I doubt they're gonna fix it since they never fixed it on Black Ops.....

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    I dont know why people think its OP let me tell you guys I had 7000+ kills with the G11 in BO and the TYPE 95 its not even near as good as the G11. When I used the G11 on BO I could get 1 burst headshots and 2 on the chest and arms. but with the TYPE 95 I cant get 1 burst kills isnt the lag its the gun. But it its OP on the HD systems I use it and got a double kill with a single burst


    the SCAR L imo its the best gun in the game along with the pp90 and the mP7

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    Is no one else concerned that rapid fire is NOT mentioned in the Type 95 attacthments on the 'Improve' section of the elite site , nor is it mentioned in the Improve video for it.


    Yet it is available as an attachment?


    Sounds like it was either an after thought or late addition.