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MW3 Turkey Tournament FREE Entry With Double XP Prize

Hello! I am Hosting a MW3 tournament on Wednesday, 11/23/11, AT 2:00 PM PST

Here are the rules. Please review them carefully as they will help you know what to/to not do:

1. 5v5 (1 Substitute)

2. Grand Prize 30 min 2XP (AKA Every team member of the winning team gets 30 min of 2XP. The codes will be sent in messages over Xbox Live)

3. GameBattles Rules that can be found at gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/xbox36...-3/ladder/team/rules

4. MW3 Xbox 360

5. Party Chat Allowed (No Party Chat If The Game Mode Is Search And Destroy)

6. No Killstreaks

7. All Secondaries (EXCEPT LAUNCHERS Using One Will Result In A Disqualification)

8. All Primary Grenades Allowed (EXCEPT Bouncing Betties, Claymores, and C4. This will
also AUTOMATICALLY Disqualify your team.)

9. The Only Secondary Grenades Allowed are Concussion Grenades (Stuns) Flash Grenades (Flash Bangs) And Smoke Grenades. (Scrambler Grenades, EMP Grenades, Trophy Systems, Tactical Insertions, And Portable Radars are NOT allowed and will disqualify your team.)

10. You May Use Any Perk EXCEPT Overkill which will yes, disqualify your team if used.
You may use Blind Eye and/or Assassin even though they will pretty much be useless

11. The only deathstreak available for use will be Juiced. Others in use will result in a disqualification.

12. You may use any weapon attachment except grenade launchers. These will result in a disqualification.

13. The tournament will start on Wednesday 11/23/11 at 2:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)

14. US Participants Only. Neither me or any of my friends have a good enough connection to support other countries. However, if you don't mind having a bad connection and playing and are from the UK or something you can still participate.

15. The tournament will be livestreamed at twitch.tv/brandonandaustin I will probably not be able to livestream games I am in because of connection lag, but for the others my friend will host and I can livestream them.

16. DO NOT yell or be loud once you get into the lobby. Listen for instructions on what to do.

17. To join, contact me on Xbox. Gamertag: zMS2

18. Random gametypes and Random Maps generated from the list generator on

I Hope to see you guys there, remember its a FREE entry, it will be livestreamed, and it's a chance to help you level up in public multiplayer! So get your team together and let me know who is playing.