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Will be there Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4 SPOILER ALERT!!


i really call of duty modern warfare 's okay i know next year is treyarch turn to make Call of duty anyway i want know is there gonna call of duty modern warfare 4 I played Campaigne Call of duty MW 1 2 3 i learned from those Campaigne who died and survive Lets See



Modern Warfare

-Sergeant Paul Jackson KIA(Died Of the Helicopter Crash And Nuclear Radiation)

-Staff Sargeant Griggs KIA(But when he tries to Soap in a safe position to attract Griggs was forced to return fire with his M249 SAW but he was shot in the neck that killed him

-Unknown Rang Gaz KIA(Killed by Imran Zakhaev with desert Eagle Shot Point Blank)

-Unknown Rang Macmillan(Still Alive )

-Captain, former Lieutenant John Price Alive

-Imran Zakhaev KIA(Got killed by Soap in Last Stand

-Sergeant Kamarov Alive

-Helicopter Pilot Nikolai Alive


Modern Warfare 2

-Captain, former Lieutenant John Price Alive

-Sergeant Gary Roach Sanderson  KIA(Killed and Betrayed By General Shepard Bij Recieving The Dsm And Burned)

-Private Jamez Ramirez Alive

-Private First Class Joseph Alexei Borodin Allen  KIA(Killed by Makarov In the terminal in Russia)

-Captain, formerly Sergeant John Soap Mactavish Alive

-Luitenant Simon Ghost Riley (KIA/Probably Still alive by Rumors he didn got Killed/Ghost manages to Roach to the LZ to wear, but Roach has been betrayed by Shepherd Ghost in his chest that shoots .44 Magnum, before he could shoot with his ACR On Shepherd. Ghost was last seen when he is thrown into a ditch and set on fire, along with Roach

-Sergeant Foley Alive

-Corporal Dunn Alive

-Luitenant General Shepard KIA(Killed by throwing knife in his Eye by Soap)

-Colonel Marshall Probably Alive

-Vladidmir Makarov Still Alive

-Helicopter Pilot Nikolai Alive




Modern Warfare 3

-Captain, former Lieutenant John Price Alive

-Sergeant Derek Frost Westbrook Alive

-Sergeant Sandman(probably Still Alive Bad Injury)

-Sergeant Grinch(probably Still Alive)

-Sergeant Truck(probably Still Alive)

-Vladimir Makarov KIA(Killed By John price and Yuri Injuried Him)

-Captain, formerly Sergeant John Soap Mactavish KIA(Bleed to Death Because there were c4 loaden in the Sniper Location to take out Makarov)

-Sergeant Kamarov KIA(Killed By C4 loaden On his Chest)

-Sergeant Ex-Spetznaz Yuri KIA(killed by makarov shot in the head and chest)

-Sergeant Marcus Burns Alive

-Segeant Wallcroft Alive

-Helicopter Pilot Nikolai Alive



Anything i maybe forget i dont know tried to remember it all