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Romantics United Clan: Accepting Players [PS3]

To All Interested Players,


Romantics United is now looking for players. We are a clan that likes to have fun and above all else, win.

That being said, we are looking to recruit players that are online often and want to win. Even though we are relatively new, our founders Schotty57 and myself, CookieDaemon, are looking for players that want to enjoy the game and compete.
We are very active and one of the founders has participated in every Lone Wolves event that has take place thus far and placed at least gold. If you visit the clan's Elite page you will see that between the two founders we have accumulated over 90 hour of online multiplayer logged and counting.

Please send a message on PSN to either Schotty57 or myself with the subject line referencing our clan, Romantics United, and that you are interested in joining us.
We will be holding several group play sessions in the next few days. I will have several days off work for holiday and the weekend, so I will be online quite often over the next few days. Normally, clan learders are online most of the weekend and often for an hour or two on the weekdays.

Both clan leaders are in EST and usually play in the evenings from 7pm to 2am, with several exceptions that extend or shorten the amount of time we spend online each day.

As a quick note on founder status, because there are a number of clans simply trying to collect founders to level faster. If you have founder status and are interested in joining us, it will to help or hurt you. We are not a clan that simply wants to level by collecting 100 founder status players. Our focus is on creating an interactive community of gamers that are skilled and want to have fun.

As a disclaimer, we are not looking for players that cannot support the team in game either. We want to build a clan based on professionalism and respect between players.
We are excited to welcome all players to our group gameing sessions, simply send a message as stated above.


Clan: Romanitics United

Leaders: CookieDaemon & Schotty57

Clan Elite Page: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/80822


Thank you all interested players. I have  work now but should be able to check this thread several times today before I get online this evening.