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Call of duty Elite Premium?

I downloaded call of duty elite november 8th, a day later i bought a $60 premium membership off of the xbox live marketplace,
yet it still tells me i need to download premium? I don't understand this whole thing. i just payed $60 for nothing, elite to me, looks
just like the free version nothings new and nothing works it seems. When is this going to be fixed? Is my founder status going to be
redeemed? Is my money going to be retured? When am i going to be able to use elite to its full potential? i would like some answers.

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    I'm gonna assume that they will adress and fix the issues by the time the 30 day period of extra time they gave Founders is up, or at least have some sort of update for us. That would put it at early December.

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    I feel your pain i put my elite code in that i got from gamestop and it won't let me accept or create a team on elite, it is like i am not even a founder or something, although when i go on elite on my xbox it works somewhat!