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Secret Emblems! - Cpt. Mario

Hey everyone I just want to share with y'all an awesome emblem which made a return from MW2 (if the wii would have it). It doesnt get in the challenges in the barracks as it is in fact a secret challenge.



If you done the secret challenge correctly, it will give you both of these :



Important : Give me credit. I wouldnt like a wii youtube star (you know who im talking about) making a video crediting themselves )




1) Go to your create-a-class and go to the Strike Packages section



2) Pick any strike packages except the Specialist (really havent confirmed this one yet)



3) CLEAR ALL the pointstreak rewards. Dont ask, just do it.



4) Close the create-a-class menu and go find a public match.



5) Once you're inside a match, get 10 killstreaks.


6) You will get a notification that you complete a challenge that says 'Lone something something ( I dont remember)'


7) Get out of the match and you will receive the title and emblem


8) Get your retro pride




Q: Does any game mode works?

A: Any game mode that is public. Yes.


Q: Does equipment and explosives count

A: They count as gun kills. Yes.


Q: Does it work on other consoles too?

A: Yes, since this originated from MW2.


Q: Were you talking about Dazran303 or iC0nb0y?



Q: Will i still get it even if i die at the starting of the match?

A: As long as you get a 10 killstreak without dying with it. No


Q: Will this emblem be famous?

A: Most probably since this console is by Nintendo


Q: I LOVE YOU REV!!!!111

A: No homo, thank you


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