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    You forget that times change and players change and games must change to keep up with them. So no the game is not meant just to be a rush fest anymore. It is built around tactics and strategy. It is not made just for the adrenaline pumped run-n-gun rushers anymore and never will be again.


    Competitive really? These games never were competitive.They are just video games and nothing more. It is people like you that think it has to be competitive to be fun that ruin the game for the casual gamer. This game is not a sport, it is meant to be played for fun and not some stupid ego/pride/vanity boosting that competitive players think it was meant for. If you need that from a video game then your life must not be that great. If you need to do good in a video game to feel good about the time wasted playing the game then again your priorties are messed up. Vidoe games are meant as a means to relax and enjoy yourself and not care about the rat race of life. And yes even CoD fits into that catergory for many players.


    Which is why many players do not care about k/dr or w/lr or trying for high ksr's. Which is why many of the so called bad players still play and have fun playing regardless of how they are doing and do not care if they get better or not. Because they are smart enough to realize it is not life and death and has no other function but to be a means of entertainment and nothing else.


    Just because I leave games when I do not like the lobby or the spam of certain ks does not mean I am quitter. I bought the game to have fun, not so the other team could have fun at my expense. And that is the same reason that millions of other players buy these games too, To Have Fun, not just for some silly stats or numbers or a scoreboard. And the devs have to listen to that. Because if the game is not fun then sales will drop and they will not make as much money on the next game.


    You may not like a game running out of time but that is not to say that others do not. It is not always about getting to the full score to win. It is which ever team has the highest score when the time runs out. The limit was just added in as another means to end the game before the timer runs out. Not that it has to be reached each and every game. It was added to prevent players from boosting and getting ridiculously high scores and exp in each game. It was added to make those that want the final score to be reached for what ever reason to have to move around and search for enemies to kill. Where those that are just as happy and have just a much fun staying in one area can do the same and win too if it does not reach the end score limit.


    You assume that you know what CoD is about when your view is no more valid then mine or anyone elses. And I will continue to give input on this thread regardless if you do not like it. That is my right as a forum member and not yours to say otherwise.

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         I respect you for making this thread that you will read and I hope that you will take everything I say into consideration. The first thing that needs to be implemented is the fact that you as a team need a suport thread much like Dice is doing with BF3. No game is perfect right when it comes out and it's up to you guys to fix them. Weather its weapon buffs, weapon nerfs, or even perk balance. You guys are on the ball with patching glitces, and hacks, but weapon tuning needs to be improved a bit because the shotguns were out-classed by the Assult Rifles in this game becides the spaz-12, and some of the smg's could've used a buff too. That is why you need to listen to the community, and make support threads that your team will read so you can get ideas about how to tune the guns. If 1 gun is used 99% of the time by 75% of the people then more than likely that will have to be addresed like the famas for example... If people say a gun isn't OP and they use it 99% of the time, please don't take them seriously because they just want an edge over the people not using it.


         People who may flame you and get mad just want the game to be better. I won't/don't flame, but I do agree with some of their complaints. This franchise has potential, more so than what it is and ever was, and there are just these little things that are blocking the way. I hope to give you ideas of how to fix them to make the best game of all time, but its what you put in that makes it good, or makes it ok.


         The first thing that the WHOLE community wants is servers in general. They will fix many issues like host dashboarding so you cannot finish a game, framerate issues, bad host issues, and the hit detection will be spot on. If activision will not let you, I understand, but if you have a poll I garuntee that having it will win by an overwhelming amount. If you cannot get enough servers then add a p2p system as well, but make it search for close servers first.


    -Bring back theater mode, but make it better by combining clips from other games into one at a maximum of 10 min.

    -No deathstreaks... period... if your forced to then add stuff like copycat, juiced, but nothing with explosives, last stand, or radar.

    -make shotguns like mw2 w/o SP

    Killstreaks (don't care if a ps, or a ks) is the main issue I want solved other than perks. Split it into 3 categories like in MW3, but do it like this:

         Assult - make the uav a 6 ks, no rcxd, and make them stack. when you are done with the highest ks start over again 1 more time instead of an infinit amount of times. Implement a new 3 ks that lasts for 1 min and detects people on the radar who are not moving for more than 5 sec. and have them on the radar for 30 seconds. if this ks was in the air for 50 sec. for ex. and someone doesn't move for 5 seconds it woud show them then for 30 seconds even when the ks is gone (something like the radio that the enemy has keeps beeping and will show them on the radar like the UAV). Bring back dogs, and gunship as a 14 ks.


         Support - the ks i said above, and make the UAV a 6ks. Bring back the SR-71 as a 12 ks. Make this ks system reset when you die unlike in mw3.


         Specialist - Same as in MW3.


    When you first get the game you have assult, support, and Specialist unlocked at once. Assult would have stopping power, support will have juggernaut, and speciaist would have the assasin version of ghost. When you use the ks enough it will rank up so you can get the perks pro, then you can choose from the other 2 perks from the other ks. Specialist will also have a new ks at 15 kill/point so you can get the other 2 perks as well. Snipers cannot have stopping power, but when they shoot juggernaut users, juggernaut won't work like SC with shotguns so the snipers will be balanced.


    -Make a 30 gun only ks the atomic bomb which will kill the whole enemy team and have a blackbird up for 2 min.

    -Don't care about camo other than make gold look good, and have a new harder to get platinum camo that looks great.

    -Make the port to the ps3 as good as the xbox version... have testers test ps3 too (try and have an open beta if you have time too).

    -Everything else was perfect in bo mp wise and if I have any other ideas I will post it...


    Also make a new 6 player zombie map as sometimes I want to play zombies with 6 of my freinds, have double pakapunch(5000 then 10000 pts), and a new storage are where you can buy wonder weapons for 15000-30000 points, and ammo 10000 pts. have a new objective to get the storage area open, and a secret area for a new "ammo-matic" where you pay 20000 pts to get full ammo on every gun, and any kind of attachment you want for a certain price (again have another objective to get this as we start to get higher in rounds it gets boring doing the same thing.)


    I hope you have success with your next title, and I want it to be great and not just good like the past few cods.

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    Maybe add a special game mode that every few days has a different game mode ideas, such as the express playlist, moshpit, infection and so on. At the end of each match there will be a vote on how the game mode was. If a certain game mode is popular enough it will be added to the playlist either permently or for a week or two.



    response to post above I'm not sure how I like the idea of the modern warfare killstreaks set up so I can't say much now but I like the idea of a harder camo and maybe add a pack a punched camo. The six person zombies I'm also not sure how that could work out, maybe they could do some testing on that. It would come in handy when I 3 friends playing and one more wants to join. Also host migration for zombies is a must. Also (I doubt this though) custom maps for zombies.

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    Trial, please stop cluttering this thread with your babbling, people need to get their voice's heard, no offense, but Vahn and the Treyarch staff do not take dashboarding players serious, although i found it entertaining that you thought if you were the host and dashboarded near the end of the game when you were getting spawn raped that it negate everyones kills and deaths when it does not.


    This lack of intelligence that you have shown is not the kind of advice Treyarch will be looking for when making the game better, hopefully they take something away from Halo and Gears so when people like yourself who are chronic dashboarders, get a penatly and cant play online for a certain period after, you are part of the problem in the community, and the game would be better without you in it, I know you have lots of excuses, i get in a laggy game I dashboard, I join a losing game I dashboard blah blah, but seriously, just give up, if its only a game like you say, then why dashboard? Why not just leave the game, or are you trying to inflate your stats in some sort of way?

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    Cod will not ever have the quit ban. Bungie added that and it failed, people still quit out of matches all the time. it did nothing to stop it from happening and never will in any game ever.


    Your view of what is good or better for then game is no more valid then mine or anyone else that just plays the game for fun and not silly stats or to be competitive. So yes 3arc does listen to players like me just as much as they those obessed with stats and being try hards like you.


    And again I will point out it is not your position to tell me to not post in the thread. So stop trying to tell me that for it will not work ever.


    exiting does negate the deaths if you are the host. You know when you get that server connection lost error message. It means no data from the host was uploaded to the servers. And it is on the host that all the game play data is stored and uploaded from. Ever had the lobby after the host exited show all zero's? that is because all data was lost from the last game played in most cases.


    And yet you still you have not quite figured out I do not dashboard, I sign out there is a very big difference in what happens and how it affects the game. Dashboarding/Exiting the game takes you back to the home menu. You then have to reload and start the game again. Signing out does not. You just need to sign back in and you are back in a game in moments compared to the minutes it takes waiting for the game to restart over again. Therefore signing out is faster and wiser to do then exiting to the home menu. Since with the last update it is now the home menu and no-longer called the dashboard anymore. So when people do it they are not dashboarding but exiting the game now.

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    much respect for comunity communication


    ive not read the entire thing so some stuff maybe covered


    ghost/assasin - assasin/blind eye = good idea. remove the no red name an ghillie suit from the perk an give these to sniper class as std. no qs but improving concealment for a sniper. this i think will lean sniping towards hunting/overseeing defending, which is what it is an should be.


    remove supressors from assault rifles, this will help make games more mobile. for complete stealth you will be restricted to short range smg. spawn camping with an ar will allow team to know by occasional red dot there is an enemy in their spawn somewhere.


    keep the killstreak rewards as gun kill rewards, you did this good, however i do like mw3 support idea. i would certainly think about merging assault an support rewards together an run it as how support works. as in non reset on death.

    i believe this will null an void the need to camp for your chopper gunner ect


    think about it, if you had it as like 40 point reward for example, everybody would have the chance of earning it not jus pros but realistically how many would you see a game ? 1 maybe 2. you still only get 3 rewards you would either set them low an get a few or set them high an maybe get them. if you got one you have earnt it. i honestly think this would vary the type of rewards used, reduce the continual incoming air support an put more emphisis on gun fights which imo it should be about


    i like earning a point for a cap destroying air support, include a point/s fo 'defending' in this an its a winner. untill someone points out issues i honestly think ideas along these will reduce spawn camping an bring the fight to a 'fight over the objective' im thinking b in dom which i do feel treyach tend to lean towards by their map design ect ect, iw imo put b in as an afterthought


    i would like to see the number of players in a game increase eg ground war 12 v 12 for example, a bigger fight more action. i did find multiple targets in bo ground war an occasional issue due to no stopping power maybe mw3 bullet damage ?


    generally bo puts mw3 to shame an imo makes this iw look like amature kids. you did good, very good. new, bigger, more is not always better an if its not broke dont fix it. you have given me hours an hours of top notch gun fights an not a free for all in a kids playground, for that i thank you


    can you sort the hackers on waw please i would like to be able to play both of the best games ever, not jus one of them


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    These are a few ideas I had about how to make this game a tad bit better...


    1. bring back war


    2. add more in depth weapon customization


         add 2 types of attachments. First, you can add an underbarrel/sight, Second have a bullet type (silencer, rapid fire with more recoil, fmj, more damage but more recoil, or lower RoF ect... be creative with this to add more types of ammo... this is the special operations btw they made their own gun)


    3. It woud be cool to have bullet drop to change the gameplay a tad bit...


    4. make more in depth hit boxes ie. feet has a .5 multiplier, and arms have a .75 ect.


    5. have assist point equal the amount of damage you gave the guy, but have a minimum of 10 points out of a hundred or whatever depending on gamemode (dom would be 5, s&d would be 25)(issue with flash/concussion grenades).


    6.Have a wager match section, but have a new gamemode where you start of with a pistol and you get money for how many points you get, and you can spend the points in an ammo box in game to buy weapons for a set price(like spec ops), and have another box where the perks come from sorta like hq, but the boxes are in one place and people would have to work as a team as this would be a cool team game. All extra money from the game goes to the cod points part(no cod points for nomal games like tdm), and can use it to buy guns from the past cod games (but nothing people considered OP). guns woud cost around 30,000 cod points, as they should be hard to get. You can even put dlc guns to this list(free). If you choose this bring back guns like the stg, mw2 spaz-12, bo commando, and mw ak-47u.


         Those are just some ideas to help you think of something better.

  • 142. Re: Unofficial Feedback Thread


    2.that could be interesting.

    3. I'm not a fan of this. many of the maps are CQC or not big enough for this to have too much of an effect.

    4. I like the way the multipliers are now.

    5. they had that in waw (can't remember for black ops) I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

    6.could be an interesting game mode.


    one of my ideas is to have a game mode that has custom matches (infection, player express, MLG, ect.) At the end of each match a vote is taken on how the game mode wasif a mode is popular enough it is set for a normal playlist for a set amount of time (a week or so) This could allow treyarch to see how playlists before they get rid of pre existing ones.

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    @supernova6 Modern warfare 3 has already started adding that idea in. Right now its only drop zone, but they are adding more soon based on community feedback. it has its own section called community playlist.


    @Vahn  1 thing that MW3 did wrong was adding stopping power into every gun. That made the shotguns very underpowered than they already were, and the exd mag glitch made it balanced if the guns didn't have stopping power. The Striker is fine, but in every cod you get the pump-actions under powered (Becides mw2) because the range is horendus, or the power is horendus (again becides mw2). The range should have 1.5 more range than the other shotguns with the most range because when you fire the first shot with pump-actions chances are that will be your last dead or alive. mw2 spaz-12 was the perfect pump action shotgun(w/o sp) and you should make it the model of your next pump action for blance purposes. (range and damage should compliment it, not make it... My kd shouldn't of dropped from 2.15 to 1.91 grinding for a proficincy to make a gun better)


         Stopping power caused a lot of issues, and thats why you needed juggernaut to balance it. Adding it to every gun still caused issues because you died to fast, and with lag compensation you died without knowing it as every gun is a 2 hit kill.

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    Keep most of what was implemented in blackops. This is what made blackops my favorite COD of all time.


      1.Killstreaks have to be earned. This made the game challenging. MW3 is sooooo boring after blackops for the fact it doesn't take any skill at all to do well. It also leads to more gun on gun play with less killstreaks being spammed all game.


    2. NO STOPPING POWER. Having to pick one perk to not put yourself at a disadvantage is a terrible idea. The power of guns in blackops was perfect. Gun battles ending with whoever gets the first shot off first isn't fun in core games, thats what hardcore is for.


    3. Interactive maps. It might be something as simple as destroying a bridge like in discovery or opening and closing the doors in radiation. It adds a little more stratagie into the game and i would like to see more of this in the next COD title.


    4. Recoil. . . This is what i really enjoyed about blackops. MW3 made a huge mistake letting players virtually erase any recoil to any gun they get. Gun fights are boring because all guns are laser weapons meaning just hold the trigger. Having to adjust for recoil makes every gun battle a little more challenging and rewards those who have mastered playing with that weapon. It also creates more diversity in weapons. When you take away recoil it comes down to what gun is going to have the greates DPS. If all guns are balanced then all guns do the exact same thing.


    5 Currency system. I enjoy this system. It lets me take experience i've earned ( currency ) and use it to unlock what i want to use. I do like the fact that some things you have to unlock first, like pro perks. Simply unlocking things just for leveling up is boring.


      - For the next COD 3arc makes i would like to see rank requirement taken off weapons. I want to be able to unlock any weapon of my choosing once i have enough currency built up. Possibly make some weapons more expensive than others. Same with the attachments. Basically lvl should not hinder my ability to win a gun fight. If i do well with a particular set up I want to get to it as soon as i can once i prestige.


    6 Pro perks. I really like that you guys made it to where you had to actually earn pro perks. They were actually challenging and made me feel like I earned the pro perk. These are not vital to winning gun fights but do help in general game play. They are still pretty big bonuses and just having to do 1 simple challenge without actually trying doesn't make me feel like i earned a 'pro' perk.


    7 PLAYERCARD. One of the best additions to the call of duty series. KEEP IT. The elite system is a complete joke. Another great part of blackops was being able to scroll over people in a lobby before a game and check them out.


    8 Theater. I love it, keep it the same way. I especially like the fact I am able to watch recent games from other players. If i run into a player that completely dominates me in a game I like to watch a few of his games and see his tactics, it is a learning tool.


    9 Map design i'm not sure how to explain this but the maps in blackops are great. They are varied and each is totally original. MW3 feels like every map is the same. You don't really need to change your playstyle for any map at all which gets very boring very quick.


    10 Snipers. A lot of people have different opinions of this. Blackops is the only COD i enjoy sniping in. I think a lot of it has to do with your shot will not be accurate unless you are fully scoped in a long with the sway. A lot of the maps also had great sniping locations. Just don't go the MW sniper route where there is no skill needed and dont force snipers to have to resort to quickscoping just to feel like they can do well.


    11. Just the overall feel of the game. Something about blackops and world at war really stands out and seperates it from the MW series. How the game looks and plays really just stands out and seperates it from the other titles.


    12. Wager matches... A blast keep them.


    - Other positive things to keep from blackops

        -Dolphin diving

        -Great weekly challenges

        -50 rank limit with a lot of prestiging

       -Score per minute leaderboards

        -Daily/weekly/monthly/all time rankings

        -Custom emblems

        -Game search toggle local/all


    All in all blackops has been my favorite because it is challenging. Keep the challenge and the rewards for doing well.


    - Things to address in the next title


    Ghost - One thing MW3 did right was breaking up ghost to 2 perks. Being invisible to UAV to one and being invisible to airsupport to another. Both are pretty major advantages. Even if ghost stays the exact same in the next tile as it was in blackops i will be pretty happy as long as it has a counter such as the blackbird ( best killstreak imo ). Just don't go the route they went in MW3 where assassin does way way way too much for only being one perk.


    UAV - I am a big UAV user but it becomes a problem when there is a UAV up all game. Yes it can be shot down but a lot of people feel you have to run ghost just to compete. I don't share that view but to counter this make the 3 kill UAV a personal UAV or simply move it up to 4 kills instead of 3. One kill might not seem like much but the fact i can get a uav with hardline in 2 kills means there isn't ever going to be a time where i dont have a UAV up.


    Killstreak toggler - So many times have i earned a blackbird and a chopper gunner back to back and haven't been able to use the blackbird to get my final killstreak. Let me be able to choose which killstreak i've earned that i want to use when i want to use it.



    Gold Camo - Tho it takes a lot of time to get them in blackops i feel gold camo should represent a great achievement with a gun that isn't easily gained, not just simply prestige that could possibly be another camo ( maybe platinum? ). Gold should be achieved when completeing a lifetime achievement with a gun maybe 10k kills? 2k headshots? When i see gold it should mean, man that dude is good with that gun. 



    Getting rewarded more for being an objective player. Definatly more points for capping an objective. Maybe a point twords your killstreak for capping? I'm not sure about that one since if someone is almost at a killstreak it would not be worth the risk of losing it to cap the objective to most people.


    Something to show for finishing hard challenges. Maybe a title to go along with my custom emblem for shooting down a UAV with a RPG? Or killing a whole enemy team with one napalm strike? Doesn't have to be a title but maybe it could be something unlocked in the emblem creater. You could have full preset emblems that are only unlocked by finishing a challenge.


    If there is one thing i like about elite it is the fact there are competitions. I'd like to see something like this in the next title. For example who can get the most domination caps this week, or defends the next week. Rewards could be as simple as COD points or even custom camo's or maybe even have a competition for a free DLC pack.


    Rewards for doing well in games. Maybe extra points for getting 5 caps and for each cap after that. Extra points for going on a 15 killstreaks with extra points for the kills after. Or even getting extra cod points. This could work the other way too and could be some sort of bounty system. You get extra points for killing that guy who is on the 15 killstreak or stopping a cap by that guy who has 5 caps. Something simple like that that wouldn't really effect gameplay but would rewards those who want to.



    Mute all function.


    Stop putting solo players into losing matches. Once a game hits the 1/4th mark it shouldn't allow new players to join. If people are going to back out because they are losing too badly or the lag is bad then it should be a forefit. Also if the host dashboards it should just end the game and only count as a loss for the host. Start punshing those who leave games to save stats. Sure there are times where games are unplayable due to lag but there should be some sort of record kept to punish those who constantly do it. Simple punishment like not being able to join a game for 10 minutes if you leave x amount of games in x amount of time.



    Those are just some of my ideas from brainstorming that hit on a few key issues that i have come across while playing.

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