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    Seen as the combat record is most likely to return, elite will be even more so a waste of money. Here's a few ideas to make elite worth the money, providing you make a profit from it because we all know activision doesn't give a sh** about the game, they just want to maximise profits.

    • A playlist specifically for elite users that has dedicated servers
    • Elite members get to beta test the game pre-release
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    I´m a PC player, and i loved your games since World at War, and i want that your next game will be the best of them.

    World at War was a great game and I was disappointed that some of the great things in World at War missed in Black Ops.

    So this is what I think you should include into your next game.



    - Death Cards (Great Idea, kinda missed them in Black Ops)

    - Intel Cheats (Would make collecting Intel more rewarding)

    - Skippable Cinematics in the Campaign (They were cool for the first time, but if you want to replay a certain mission, they can get annoying)

    - Keep the Awesome OST you have in your Games (WW2 + Metal = Awesomeness)



    - Bayonets (I would really like to see them returning, but a bit nerfed. Maybe that you can hold down the Melee key for charging, if you tap it, it makes that swiping animation)

    - Bouncing Bettys (As a variation of the Claymore)

    - Stielhandgranaten / Stickgrenades (As a variation of the Fraggrenade; they would not roll, which could be a pro or a con)

    - Signal Flares (As a variation of the Flashbang, the effect is weaker, but would last longer)

    - Molotov (Could work as a "Path-Blocker" in tactical gamemodes)

    - Aperture Sight (Loved it in WaW, and missed it in Black Ops)

    - Sniperrifles without Scopes (I liked to switch from my K98 Bayonet to my scoped K98, sadly they took that out)

    - Ingame Create-A-Class (It was possible in the Call of Duty 4 Mod Warfare  so why don´t add it to the normal Multiplayer)

    - Maps with places that require swimming or a Flashlight (Both were possible in the Campaign)

    - Customizable Camos (Like the Emblem Creator: you choose the pattern and the Colors, plus the standard Camos)

    - Camos like the Raindrops from "Blowtorch & Corkscrew" or the ice from "Project Nova" ( They just look badass in the campaign)

    - Unique Knives for each MP Faction (You had great knives; the Kabar, the Karambitknife etc, why not use them in Multiplayer?)

    - Killstreaks like the UAV controllable (Like you can control the UAV, and get extra points for each marked enemy or for each kill that was made by a teammate)

    - Firemode Selection (Please. Make it possible.)

    - Prevent Kniferunning with a longer Knifeanimation (Im sick of them.)

    - Wager XP Modes (I love Wagermodes, but I need XP more often than CP)

    - More than 1 Attachment without Perk possible? (Could work like Battlefield 3; there are Categories like Optics, Underbarrel and Misc. So maybe you could choose a M16 with Reflex and Extended Mag, and add a Silencer with Warlord)

    - More Attachments (Add Bipods, Flashlights for Pistols etc)

    - More different Scopes (Make the Russian Scopes usable with a M16, and add the Aperture, Red Dot, Reflex, ACOG, SUSAT and Variable Zoom Scope)

    - Dual Wield only for Pistols, or SMGs with low Rate of Fire

    - A Crossbow without Explosive Tips, make them an Attachment

    - Less Semi-Auto Sniperrifles

    - Make the Semtex more like the N° 74 ST

    - Bigger Maps with more open Space (WaW Style)

    - Weapons from WaW (Mosin-Nagant, M1 Carbine, StG44, Sten, MP40, PPSH, TT-33, Double Barrel Shotgun) and Black Ops (Commando, G11, AK47, MPL, Kiparis, WA2000, Olympia, KS-23, Model 1887, Makarov, M1911)

    - Remove Rapid Fire and add Double Tap

    - Don´t replace the Default Classes with Custom Slots

    - Don´t let Teammates take Carepackages unless you allow it

    - Add a Perk that enables Reviving (NOT SECOND CHANCE)

    - Add a Perk that makes capping Objectives or planting bombs faster

    - Keep Contracts, Theater Mode, Combat Training, Wagermatches, Diving to Prone and the Combat Record

    - Readd the Idle animations like handsignals

    - Make the Last Killcam Slow-motion

    - Make the gloves in First Person View as awesome as in Black Ops

    - Tactical Equipment should stay when dying

    - Keep the Nevada, Siberia and Gold Camouflage, add a simple Black Camouflage, the Pack-a-Punch Camouflage, and make them unlocked via kills (14th Prestige WHAT THE HELL?)

    - All Weapons from the Game (I wanted the KS-23 so badly..)

    - Overkill (SMGs and Shotguns only.)

    - Before making a certain Perk too strong, make it a standalone perk. There where more than 5 perks per tier in Waw, too.

    - If possible, readd Gore

    - Make the Knife something you have to equip before you can use it.

    - No Proficiencies

    - No Nuketown, or at least don´t allow Server Admins to make too many Nuketown 24/7 servers. I can´t find more than 2 DLC Server in Europe.

    - Please make some maps with Vehicles (Jeeps, Motorbikes)

    - No Killstreak that gives you all perks of the game

    - Pistols are the only secondaries, aside from Anti-Aircraft Launchers.

    - Keep the Tomahawk

    - Make LMGs have high recoil, and please no extended Mag.

    - Make Reznov the Announcer for the Russian Faction!

    - If there are CODPoints, make everything purchasable right from the start.

    - Add a Option to choose between achieved Killstreaks



    - Campaign Coop (Like in WaW)



    - ALL Weapons of the Game (I never knew there was a DP-28 in WaW until I played MP, and I missed the M60 in Black Ops)

    - Don´t make the Zombies stronger that fast, make them MORE.

    - Choosable Attachments when Pack a Punching (Maybe like the List from MW3´s Survival Mode)

    - Make that Guns last longer (In WaW, i could kill Zombies with the K98 on round 10 with 1 shot, in Black Ops it gets useless after round 5)

    - Same with the Bowie Knife / Sickle

    - Add more "Horror Style" Maps, like Vorkuta, or some Nazi Base, but don´t make as much Exotic Maps as Black Ops.

    - Please no Easter Eggs that require 4 players

    - Please no Easter Eggs that requires another Easter Egg to be completed

    - Make all Zombies spawn behind boarded windows (I´m looking at you, CALL OF THE DEAD!)


    I have faith in you.

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    Hi Vahn

    I'm a long time COD fan since COD2, and have been lurking these forums for information for a long time now.  It is only recently that I started an account, and only now that I feel the need to post.  My suggestions are as follows:

    BLOPS- the game felt and played great, please don't stray too far from the forumula!

    1). Scoreboards- the inclusion of SPM & objective based info is a necessity.  Building on this point, is it possible to give kills less emphasis on the scoring for objective based modes?  i.e. make kills worth 25 points in DOM, and in turn increase the value that a capture/defend is worth?

    2). "Real Counters"- BLOPS had counters that worked well, and there was a counter to everything in the game- please keep this the case.  My example would be that Flak Jacket Pro and Tac Mask Pro actually protected you from explosives and flash/stun grenads- I find the MW3 variant to not work to the same level.  Another example would be that CUAV was a great counter to UAV/Blackbird in BLOPS, but again the MW3 Assasin perk makes the user immune to CUAV.

    3). NO killstreak stacking-  For all MW3's talk about gun on gun action, all they did was release a game with the MOST amount of killstreaks ever and made them the EASIEST to get ever.  Nuff' said!

    4). Combat Record & Theatre- BLOPS did this well,and the whole user interface is much more user friendly.  I'd be very happy if it was designed the same/similar.

    5). Customisation- emblems and camo to return.  I also support the suggestion for a custom camo creater!

    6). Misc- the return of dolphin dive, NO stopping power/juggernaut (or anything that artificially gives a power/health advantage to anyone), Blackbird, Napalm and NOVA gas (best grenade ever, you should create a NOVA airstrike>)


    MW3- There are a few things that they have done right, which should be looked at.

    1). Idle Sway- this is a good thing, anything that makes the game more challenging is welcome.  On that note, BLOPS did recoil better than MW3- however, I'd go as far as to request that even MORE recoil is added to all guns?

    2). New Perks- Stalker, Marksman & Recon are all good perk ideas.  And I am sure that you guys will be looking at all perks, I always appreciate a few differences in the perk structure between titles.  Adaptation is part of the fun!

    3). Split Ghost-  a Ghost and Blind Eye (or equivalent) would be a good idea.

    4). Pointstreaks to replace kilstreaks-  this is a must have idea!  We should be rewarded for shooting down air support, destroying SAM turrets and capturing objectives.  What this does is encourage teamplay and gives everyone an incentive to do something to help win the game other than run around focused strictly on kills.

    5). Tracking pointstreaks & a toggle option- another great feature in MW3 is the ability to visually see where you are up to on your pointstreak and to be able to use the D-Pad to be able to toggle/choose the killstreak required.  Should be a new COD "staple"!

    6). NO support streaks-  integrate assault and support, and get rid of the streaks nobody uses.  If people can die over and over again, all that happens is that games become a endless barrage of killstreaks.  Move towards gun on gun gameplay rather than away from it.


    Thankyou for listening David, and best of luck with the rest of your development time.  I'm looking forward to playing you next title, hopefully this time for 2 years!

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    Sorry one more thing to add- please take note of rankismet's post.  He has a really good point about "de-emphasizing" the mini map in regards to killstreaks.  No need for me to explain further, but it is a great point.

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    --------Multiplayer Ideas--------

    1. a scorcher grenade that works like napalm, but in a set radius to block paths(flack jacket counters this)

    2. a 3 arrow crossbow that shots 3 arrows at once(like a shogun) and won't show up on the mini-map.

    3. a scorcher crossbow that works like the normal crossbow, but with a scorcher grenade on it(blows up on impact).

    4. "blurry vision" effect (or suppression) when you are getting shot by an LMG to avoid YAAR.

    5. no quickdraw on snipers... no more nerf needed

    6. (may have stated before) shotguns like MW2 with half the sp (if you don't build in the sp) , and as primaries.

    7. When people consider 1 gun op, nerf that, but when people consider multiple guns OP, then buff counters to them. ie.if a gun is OP at close range, then buff shotgun's range and/or power; if a gun is OP at range, then buff LMG's/Snipers recoil/power. Buff is better than a nerf unless one gun is overpowering the rest... Take buffs more seriously with your next game as it might be the last on this gen of consoles.


         Zombies has been going in the wrong direction in terms with how to get certain perks, and the Pakapunch(however you spell it), and it needs to be like Der Riese (one place, and don't need 4 people to get to). You also need to add a lot more things to zombies to make me buy the map packs as zombies is the only reason I buy them. Here are some things I thought were good to add that I herd form some people, and I thought of. Add some to the default maps though to test them out before we pay for them.

    1. ammo-mattic that you can buy ammo for all guns and/or attachments.

    2. "perky" - get another slot to buy a perk, and you cannot lose that perk until you die (out of the game, not down and revived). cost would be 5000 points

    3. "wonder room" - where you can buy a wonder weapon for an expensive amount, an can only have one at one time (raygun excluded, and every player must have a different wonder weapon).

    4. a boss round with a very hard enemy (not monkeys)

    5. dogs that spawn with zombies, and crawlers after round 25.

    6. zombies that can suck you twards them that spawn in after round 15(slows you down if you are running away from them). This would be a difficult task if you are running a train.

    7. double pakapunch that costs 10000 points(15000 in total)

    8. more objectives to get to ammo-mattic, and "perky"(or any other idea like them)

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    Treyarch- I was wondering if in your next game you could include more characters from different countries. Infinity Ward had British, French, German and Americans in MW3 whilst Treyarch had a few Americans, some russians, a German and one British in Black Ops.

    Maybe more British people


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    diese9012 wrote:


    --------Multiplayer Ideas--------


    4. "blurry vision" effect (or suppression) when you are getting shot by an LMG to avoid YAAR.

    5. no quickdraw on snipers... no more nerf needed


    Just read through these suggestions- good idea's diese.  I think the blurry vision/suppression will really add to the tactical depth of the game and also give the LMG's a benefit which will make them really worth using!

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    DEDICATED SERVERS, this is a must for PC gamers.

    Also let us handle the servers like in World at War, in Black Ops max players were 18 : (

    With servers like Call of Duty, Call of Duty: UO, Call of Duty 2, Modern Warfare and World at War, we PC players would enjoy twice as much.


    PC gamers have been let down lately with no dedicated servers in MW3 and no Elite at all.


    HINT: Unranked dedicated servers only is the stupidest thing ever!

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    Do you think Vahn is still reading this thread?  Hopefully he is- there are some good idea's still on here and there is still 9 months or so to implement them.

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    Well he was online 2 days ago in here.

    I'm sure he is checking these threads out.