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Patch Suggestions and Things That Annoy Me

Hello. My friends on Xbox call me Soldier. I am a montage/episode editor that edits my own and other people's clips that I/they get in public matches. Yes, I am one of those kids who most of you people on these forums may dislike, but run around with bolt-action snipers and go for episode clips. Many people do it and it is a very popular playstyle.


But my problem and the reason why I am posting on this thread is because ever since I picked up the game, I have noticed that the automatic guns kill much faster than the previous Call of Duty titles. And then it is much easier for me to get hitmarkers with snipers. As you can see, it is an unfair advantage to the people who run-and-gun. Before you start bashing me and calling me a quickscoping ***, yes, I know that snipers are originally supposed to be used for being stealthy and for long-ranged kills, but let's be honest: Sitting in one spot is boring and not exciting at all. I like to be creative with the way I play the game, so I mix things up a little.


I really like this game, don't get me wrong, but I am just going to list the things that I don't like about MW3.


I don't like how MW3 is noob friendly. I know that was the developers' goal to make the game like this, and it was even the main idea of the "Vet and n00b" trailer, but I don't like this at all. All you need to know how to do in this game to get a decent amount of kills is just to aim and shoot. You don't even need a high sensitivity, to know good flank spots on a map (or know a map at all), or to be skilled at the game. All of this is because the guns kill too fast. The guns still kill in 3 bullets, but it is very obvious during gameplay that the guns kill much faster. Do I even need to complain about the akimbo FMG9's? But it's not just the FMG9's, it's EVERY Assault Rifle, Sub Machine Gun, and Light Machine Gun. The Type 95 kills someone with 2 bullets from a single burst, silenced, and to the legs. That's not overpowered at all. /sarcasm


I don't like how you have to unlock the range and damage proficiencies for the shotguns in the game. To me, that's the dumbest idea ever! Shouldn't shotguns already have their damage and range? Why take away from what would be a good gun, and then make the player have to unlock something pointless that it should already have! Same with the speed proficiency for the snipers. I know that snipers in real life are heavy, but if in every other Call of Duty you can run fast with them, why decide to make them slow now? Proficiencies, to me, is a not a good idea and what people aren't noticing is that they just took away what a weapon should naturally have and they are making you unlock it.


Stop it with the deathstreaks. Treyarch better not do this with the next Call of Duty they may be releasing next year. I don't ever want to see anyone being rewarded for being a bad player again. I thought there was no Last/Final Stand or Martyrdom! If every gamer hates something about a game, why bring it back?


There is too many pointstreaks. It seems like every 10 seconds, someone already has a pointstreak reward in the air. I have noticed that there has been much more Stealth Bombers, Gunners, and EMP's than in MW2.


The maps have too many camping spots, such as dark corners, spots where people can lay in prone aiming down their sights, and "head-glitching" spots (when only your enemy's head is showing, but he can still shoot you). Hopefully whenever DLC comes out, there won't be much of these.


The spawns are atrocious. It used to be, when in Domination, you could have two flags and the enemy one, and you could spawn-trap all day. But in MW3, there is no such thing as spawn-trap because the game has no sense of spawn, therefore making it harder to get clips.


K/D Ratios are stupid. It's not even an important or valuable number in the game, but everyone is too stupid to realize that. All the kids at my school talk and worry about K/D. Everyone I get in a lobby with talks and worries about K/D. And the makers of the game are suggesting that you do talk and worry about your K/D! And because people think K/D is such an important thing, people try to cheat it by camping in corners, then later saying, "I have a better K/D than you! I'm good!" No your not... K/D tells you nothing about how skilled a player is. It tells you nothing about what they did to get that K/D. I'm so tired of hearing about this. Watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnFHPiqNfuc



Wow, I sure did type a lot and I'm sorry if all of this was basically just me ********, but these are things about the game that annoy me. And I hope there will be positive responses. Thanks and I'm out.


~CRaZe Soldier (http://www.youtube.com/SoldierEffects)

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    I don't want to hear **** about your garbage montages. The QS bullshit is what ruins tactical game types like SnD, regardless of whether or not you can actually do it. It's an exploit and needs to be permanently ousted. You camp, kill, move when sniping; that's it, end of story. That's how a sniper is INTENDED to be used, that's how it's SUPPOSED to be used. I'd gladly castrate the man who thought QS was a good idea, and I'd even more gladly knock Robert Bowling upside the head for endorsing it. The QS community is far, FAR outnumbered by Anti-QS, and it should have never come back.


    Everything else I agree with save the Speed proficiency for SRs (QS'ers don't need anymore of a crutch, they need the one they have shoved up their ass).

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      It's like you didn't get my point at all. If the develepors actually fixed the problems I have stated, it would not only benefit quickscopers, but EVERY player who is actually skilled at the game as well. Just like the Y button double-tap. Whenever I was using automatic guns in the previous Call of Duty's, I found double-tapping Y very useful because you could skip parts of animations such as bringing the gun off your back and reloading. But in MW3, it got nerfed and not only snipers can no longer take advantage of it, but also run-and-gunners.

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      And also, you're ******** about how you hate quickscopers. I'm talking about snipers in general. I like to run and gun WITH a sniper as if it were an automatic. I don't know if you've heard or not or what period of time you're living in right now, but it doesn't really matter about if you quickscope or hardscope. All that matters now is how many kills you get WITH that sniper that appears in the killfeed. It's called "going for feeds" and I doubt you've ever heard of it before. I suppose you better change your Anti-QS club's name to the Anti-Feeding club. lol

      Thanks for responding, though. Be nicer next time. <3

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    Bump because more people need to read this.