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Combat Applications Group [CAG] 360 Is Recruiting




COMBAT APPLICATIONS GROUP [CAG] is a sponsored Clan who has been around since 2000 and we are currently recruiting for both MW3 and BF3. If you are looking for a Clan either from a competitive or casual standpoint, CAG invites and encourages you to try out!


Currently CAG Members include full/part time students, parents and employees and current and former military personnel.


If you are tired of playing with random players who do not have mics or annoying kids or even adults, then you should try out ASAP. By joining CAG you are not only joining a "CLAN" but an online Family who you can play with after a long day at work or school.


We are recruiting for every game mode.



1. Must be (REGISTERED) on our website

2. Must be 18 years old (some exceptions apply)

3. Must have a working headset

4. Must communicate during games



If you meet these requirements you can request a tryout here or simply register on our website.