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Making either Double XP or Prestigetokes for sale in the playstationstore - A suggestion.


In the US players have been able to get double XP by buying Mountain dew and Doritos. However this is something we in the EU has not been offered at all.


Say there was a pack with 5 prestige tokens for 10$,that you bscally could use however you wanted, even unlock a class or unlock gear at prestige... .


1. Would you buy it? If so at what price, would 5€ (6,75$) be a reasonable price or would you even buy it at 10$ ?

2. Would you even buy Double XP tokens at a regular basis?


I think we should be given the option, at least the players outside the US who have not been able to get XP by having a few afternoon snacks to buy it in the Playstation Store.

It would be easy to restrict players to unlock max 2 gears at every prestige and therefore preventing people from byuing tokens for every weapon, perk etc


It would bring in money to to both Sony and to Activision so I am kind of surprized we have not seen his happening.