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Want coLored clan tags, double xp, or a gooD TeAm?(PS3)


I am the leader of the clan xile gaming (xg7), and we are looking for more members.

We play all types of playlists, but mainly play Demolition and Team Defender.

We will accept people without Premium elite, but it is a major plus. We also have members ranked in hundreds and thousands through different gamemodes.We have about 30+ members and are level 35. Plus most of us r getting black ops 2 for midnight release


Rewards of being in my clan

-Double Exp when the clan ranks up.

-Colored Clan Tags.

-Being in a clan with good members.


  • 14+
  • Mature
  • team/ tactial orientented player
  • 1.5 KD+

  EDIT- must be premium

Filling up fast

My psn: jeremy34567


Application to join:





elite or founder:


or go to http://http://xg7.enjin.com/recruitment and fill out the form for a faster response

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