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State of the Game Address

It's been almost three weeks since Modern Warfare 3's release, and there have been very mixed responses. Some love the game, some hate it, some are indifferent. I believe however, that we can all agree the game has many flaws that do need to be addressed. I commend Infinity Ward & Sledgehammer for tackling at least a few of the problems (map glitches, hacks, boosting, spawns), but there are still many things that need attention, and I plan to address them here.



This has been a doggedly persistent problem since Black Ops in terms of my short history with the CoD series. Those players with bad connections should not be rewarded for making games harder on those who have good connections. If they went out and paid for the games, then they should go out and find better ISPs. There are many among the CoD community who are dedicated enough to the game that they spend the extra money necessary to make sure they can enjoy their experience to the fullest. Why should those dedicated fans have their experience ruined by those who have piss-poor playing conditions? Why should better players be lagged out of honest wins by those who blatantly exploit lag, be it overseas or otherwise?


In short, bad players with bad connections shouldn't be rewarded/handicapped with lag compensation. This is the first of many cases in which Infinity Ward is appeasing a MINORITY. There is a much larger fanbase that will be more loyal to the franchise and can rake in more money than that small percentage that steal McDonald's WiFi to play the game twice a week.



This is a problem I have had with a majority of the CoD series. Most of the problems that fall into this category include:


  • Hackers (leaderboards, wallhacks, aimbots, etc.)
  • Boosting
  • Little Kids


It's hard to go into detail, as most of the problem players fall under these three categories. In every CoD I have played, there is almost ALWAYS 1-4 people exploiting some kind of cheat/hack/glitch. There is also the persistent problem of being invited to boosting lobbies (most prevalent in MW2); the fact that most people outright extort for it, charging anywhere from 1600 to 4000 Microsoft Points for people to enter hacked lobbies is just sickening (I want to say that it's fraud, since you're using a license you don't own as a means to profit).


The community is also polluted just as badly by prepubescent little runts that shouldn't even own these games. The fact that I have to listen to little kids talking language that any self-respecting person would smack them for is just stupid. I shouldn't have to mute an entire lobby when playing something like S&D by myself, either (which I rarely do, but the point still stands). I'm further dumbfounded by the fact that stores would even allow kids to buy these games, or let the parents buy it for them. I suggest console developers and game publishers co-operate in checking birth dates of all console owners, and place heavy restrictions on underage players in order to make the game more enjoyable for the MATURE audience. Bar players under 17 from multiplayer until the age restriction is lifted, plain and simple. Check voice communications as well, to detect underage players and stop them from ruining the game.


The CoD community is, to say the least, a complete cesspool. I tend to hold communities for FPS games to Halo standards, as Halo has the best community track record by far IMO. At least they play with some dignity (save teabagging).



After playing the game for this long, I do realize that at least two perks need fine-tuning:


  • Assassin: As much as I LOVE this perk on my CQ class, I hate the fact that IW made it stupid easy to camp. Campers were given enough of a crutch with all the dark corners and places to prone in without this. However, it would not take much at all to fix it: Simply make Assassin users appear to Advanced UAV, and those using the Marksman perk. The Blackbird was an excellent tool in Black Ops, and countered Ghost campers perfectly.


  • Scavenger: I'll say outright that I like what was done with Noob tubes and Grenade Launchers overall. However, as weak as regular Lethal grenades are now, there is really no reason they couldn't be resupplied with Scavenger. Notice I said GRENADES, meaning this would NOT apply to C4/Betty/Claymores. I'm a little unsure on Tacticals, though I don't see the harm in resupplying anything outside of Flashbangs and, to a lesser extent, Concussions.


The Perks/proficiencies idea was a brilliant concept, and splitting up the overpowered perks from games past made class setups more tactical. However, with these small tweaks, it could be made so much better.




There are a few topics I did not address for reasons of them either being worked on, or otherwise being a non-issue. These include:


-General map design (See the Nostalgia Map Pack thread)




-OP weapons (I lean on the belief that a weapon is only as good as the player wielding it).





In closing, I'd like to say that overall, even with the rough first two weeks of the game's release, that I am pleased with the efforts Infinty Ward has made thus far. I hope to see more improvement in the future, and plan to refrain from taking the game back in the hopes that the developers do better in pleasing the community, and weeding out the cockroaches of said community in order to make the game a better experience for everyone. I am hoping that the holiday season breathes new life into this game; I for one will see that my K/D goes up from all the Christmas n00bs.


Please comment as you wish, keep the discussion intelligent, and enjoy the game

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    ^even Rainbow Dash is impressed.


    Finally, a reasonable complaint post! I'm so sick and tired of reading so many "All these players are ******* and fix this and this and this because you suck." threads. You sir, have earned my respect.

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    Regarding issue # 1 ... lag has always been an issue. Originally it was an issue because there were players using lag switches (and I think there are still players using them, it just isn't very often you run across them).


    The only way to fix the lag issue is to localize lobbies. Ping is the issue, not the UL/DL speeds. See the following link for a long yet brief explanation as to why ...




    Personally, I think the biggest problem as far as hacks go, right now are aim bots. Do a little research into them and you'll start seeing why I feel this is so. Basically, for a long time I could not figure out how people could 180 and shoot me when I've been running 8 sensitivity or higher for a long time and can't 180 that fast and be that accurate.


    Thank Treyarch and Black Ops for substantially, and I mean SUBSTANTIALLY reducing the number of hackers/modders/cheaters in general.


    That said, pre-Black Ops titles are simply lost causes so I don't think mentioning the volume of morons in those titles does any good ... as much as that reality ticks me off, it is the reality.


    I'm 100% with you on the age crack down ... though, frankly, with each title I'm seeing fewer and fewer runts.


    As far as perks go, I disagree with you on the Assasin issue. Before you fire back, understand that Quickdraw and Hardline are my most common Tier 2 perks. I'm not even sure why I use Quickdraw so much because I'm more likely to pick up a dropped gun than whip out my secondary. Hardline I use a lot because I really like the Specialist Strike package.


    All of that said, frankly, Assasin is not that powerful of a Tier 2 perk. Even more frankly, I don't see that many people using Assasin. I just see a lot of people camping.


    And make not mistake: MW3 is a camper's delight.


    Back in MW1 days I initially hated Second Chance/Last Stand. As the years have passed, though, I came to enjoy it and now I miss it. Second Chance was a perk only usable if a player got taken down. Other than that, they were not "gaining" an advantage against other players. I miss it, though, because I loved winning out against punks using it in MW2 and BO. I also miss reviving teammates that were downed so that I could rob the other team of a kill.


    I don't know what to say about Scavenger. You guys complain that one or two perks become the most used perks, but what you don't realize is that, Scavenger being a great example, in nerfing it to the point it is now, I'm not interested in the perk. There's absolutely no advantage to it. What? On the chance that you run out of ammo and pick some more up just in time to get a kill instead of being killed? Hell, Recon or Second Chance are more effective than that. So, yes, you're right: Scavenger has been too nerfed ... but I'm not afraid of tubes  & lethals & tacticals so much that Scavenger is nerfed to what it is now. In fact, OMA was worse than a guy using Scavenger to resupply nades & tubes. At least the Scavenger user had to come out of his spider hole hiding place.

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      Glad to see that some people are behind me on this. I tried to make the post as legible and intelligent as possible (albeit a bit lengthy) in the hopes of getting a response. In the case of lag, I'd say it's a simple as returning to Treyarch's search system of LOCAL preference only. Ping search was a bit of a failure in MW2 as well, especially when dealing with overseas connections and outright garbage ISPs.


      I haven't caught an aimbot in MW3 yet, but I have seen videos of people trying to sell them on Youtube (I search them in hopes of rooting them out before they make their way into the game). I'm not sure if anyone has had the nuts to attempt it yet since release, but make no mistake, it's out there.


      I haven't seen any little kids in MW3 yet, but Christmas will change that, I'm sure, and you'd better believe I'll be first in line to get my K/D up. That's all the little punts* are good for anyway.


      The only reason I want Assassin to show up on Advanced UAV is because it would discourage camping; the fact that their is nothing to counter said camping (some failures will say "check corners", but that doesn't change the fact that the tools to counter camping have been significantly nerfed) is pretty damn stupid. I like Assassin because it works wonders on CQ maps with tight corners and small spaces (Resistance, Seatown and Dome come to mind), and on my shotgun class I use it and SitRep to **** people hiding with Assassin. However, I still find it to be just a little OP since there is NOTHING to effectively counter it. In MW2, Cold-Blooded competed with Stopping Power, and in Black Ops there was a direct counter to Ghost in the form of the Blackbird.


      In the case of Scavenger, it comes down to the fact that NONE of the Tier 1 perks can compete with SOH. I use that as my T1 perk on EVERY SINGLE CLASS, as do the majority of people I have played with online. There is no reason to compromise Scavenger to the point where it's near useless when they've nerfed explosives as much as they have. This is especially true when you consider ED interaction with Stalker Pro (which is STUPID easy to achieve). If they buffed Scavenger, it could compete just a little more with SOH.

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        Nice and long post just to whine about things you dont like. Lag compensation is in pretty much all FPS games. It levels the playing field, some one should not be rewared because they can get super fast internet, nor should some one be punished becuase they cant. The game works off ping, so there is no need for local, i get the 50 ms games constantly and never have any issues.If more people would configure there internet and router, and not take the crappy modem most services come with it would be a lot better. No perk is over powered, ever thing is fine the way it is. It makes me laugh no matter how they do ghost, cold blood what ever you want to call it people will whine. Only thing that needs buffed is your not looking at the mini map neededing red dot skills. Probably a tweek into your stop running in with out looking into corner skills too.

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          Is this all you're good for is trolling? I'm trying to logically point out some of my personal opinions on what could be done to make the game better. I'm not doing the so-called "whining" that you claim to see soo much of; you can go to another post written by a carrot with an IQ similar to yours if you want that bunk.


          There is a reason I am a top participant in this community: I make well-written, well thought out posts that scumbags like you will never get, because all you're out to do is ruin the game for everyone else. I'll never understand why people like you exist.


          Reported, and I'll be sure to raise a glass to your eventual ban.

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            Wow, you actually reported a guy for saying you whined and invision yourself as being able to get someone banned. Lol...what a tool. Oh and your issue #2... fascist much? I bet your a republican huh?

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              I never said I could get him banned personally, but his track record has him well on his way. He contributes nothing but troll posts, nothing intelligent or even relevant to the discussion other than to tell people to "stop whining". Maybe he should stop whining about people voicing their opinions,and spend time trying to get better at the game instead of hiding like a coward.


              As for facism, where the hell did you pull that from? In no way am I promoting violence as a means to progress the community in any way. I am merely stating that the CoD community sucks, and I KNOW that there are many behind me when I say they'd rather play against people with a similar maturity level, not little brats talking like "gangsta thugs".


              Learn your terms before you try to talk big next time.

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        After that long conversation I had with my brother-in-law yesterday, yeah - no doubt about it - localizing game lobbies is the only solution to lag. Even then you're still going to have some, but what would be causing it would be easy to isolate.


        Yeah, I forgot about the Christmas rush. That will be interesting - and fun.


        It's extremely hard to catch someone using an aim bot. Aim bots are the worst cheat of all. Lag switches are easy to catch in theater. Aim bots are hard to catch because you have to recognize its happening before bothering to look at theater. I skip kill cams because I feel like getting back into the battle ASAP gives me a chance to get to where I was killed - knowing there was an opponent in that area that killed me. But when you watch a kill cam, its in slow motion ... so catching the aim bot is hard. The casual player won't catch them, pure and simple.


        There is a counter to Assasin that is more powerful than anything we've seen in any previous COD when it comes to countering Ghost/UAV Jammer/Camouflage ...


        Assasin is not immune to Recon. You don't even need Recon Pro to completely negate Assassin. And remember, when a Recon user lights up someone on the radar, he lights up that someone on EVERYONE'S screen.


        And it is a permanent negation of Assasin. Once the Assasin user is lit up, he remains lit up until he is killed.


        Assasin definitely does not need to be nerfed. Most campers are not interested in stealthy kills. They are desparate in the fist place. As a result, they will use the most effective primaries in the game, the most effective secondaries, and every lethal and tactical that gives them the greatest chance at a kill. They don't focus on stealth, they focus on overwhelming force.


        As a result I see campers using Blast Shield, Quickdraw and Overkill more than anything else in Tier 2. They simply don't follow conventional logic. Conventional logic is to remain hidden. They don't do that. They focus on overwhelming firepower as a defense.


        The occasional one that thinks in conventional logic is not frequent enough to worry about, IMO.


        I don't think buffing or nerfing any of the perks alone would change the game dynamic. There are waaaay too many kill streak rewards, lethals, and tacticals aimed at helping out campers.


        MW3 is a camper's delight, pure and simple.


        But at the end of the day, I agree - Scavenger has been nerfed beyond use as a go-to first tier perk. It's excellent to have once you activate all your killstreaks with Specialist ... but other than that, eh, it's definitely the weakest of tier 1 perks.

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    State of the game? Already bored of it, went back to MW2 and am having a blast. That is all.

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      You report me for disagreeing with you? Also pointing out the things you gripe about are in all Fps games? Good luck with that. I made a reply telling you every thing to do to fix the issues you have. For that you hit the run to mommy button? Please point out how i ruin the game for people? I do really enjoy how you jumped to insults because i did not have your view. That is somethign a top respected person should do lol.

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        There's a difference between a logical post of disagreement, and trolling; that can plainly be seen between your post and nuttin2say. Your idea of an intelligent post basically amounts to you claiming that I'm "whining" and being content with the games obvious flaws, which is fine, and rather sad.


        Excuse me for trying to make the game better by voicing my opinions in a thougthful manner. Then again, I didn't expect you to be able to comprehend a post outside of *wahh, quit ******* coz I can't do anyting besides camp!!"

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          Its not a flaw, The game works how it is supposed to. Lag compensation is there for a reason. game runs fine for me, but i configured my router correctly, ps3 modem etc. I have 15 down 1.95 up 20 ms ping. I have no issues with game functions at all.

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    Issue 1 - There will always be lag. It's no different now than it has been since CoD4. (It was worse in Black Ops, the worst game in the CoD franchise)


    Issue 2 - I would LOVE it if they could restrict age and get all the idiotic little kids off of the game, it would improve the community beyond recognition. Most if not all of the hacked lobbies are run by kids, and same goes for boosting. The only problem with that is the sheer number of reject parents. (the ones who don't give a crap about their kids, they just want to shut them up by buying them any game they want) they would lose a HUGE chunk of sales. That combined with the cost of implimenting an age restriction system means that no game developer will ever take that route. More profitable to leave the decision up to parents.


    Issue 3 - Scavenger most definately needs to be fixed. It needs to be put back to the way it was in MW2. The only arguments against it are tube spammers and clay campers. However tube spammers in MW2 used OMA not Scavenger, and tubes have been nerfed to the point where you don't even need blast shield. Also betties/clays have so many ways past them they're pretty much only useful as an early warning system. Fixing it back to how it was in MW2 would not only make scavenger useful again, it would make everything it refills useful again. (Especially things like C4, Tac insert, Smoke nades, EMP nades, they're all 100 times more useful with scavenger)


    Assassin does not need to be buffed or nerfed in any way shape or form. Making the advanced uav show assassin users would be another repeat of the SR71 from Black Ops (The single most game breaking killstreak in BO, never played a single match without seeing at least one) Recon, and the Recon drone are enough of a counter to Assassin.


    Yes I do use Assassin, because I do not want to show up as a red dot for everyone on the other team any time any one of them gets a 3-4 streak. I used it in CoD4 (UAV Jammer) I used it in WaW (Camoflauge) and I used it in MW2 (Cold Blooded)


    Then Black Ops comes along and nerfs ghost so that you need pro to be hidden from killstreaks. Yet suddenly it's so overpowered and needs to be weakened so ghost users show on uav's. Strange how people see the SR71 (the single most game breaking killstreak in BO, a 45 second team wide wallhack) and suddenly they think ghost is OP and want uav to see through it. Ghost should've hidden you from the SR71 if anything.


    Now there's MW3 and the red dot chasers are at it again. Assassin is soooooo overpowered because it keeps you from showing up on radar. Nevermind the fact that you'll still show up if you don't use a silencer, or if you get tagged by a recon user, or a recon drone. Also just forget the fact that you're missing out on all the other tier 2 perks like quickdraw, hardline, overkill...


    Seriously the way you people act about Assassin being overpowered you'd think it was a cloaking device that rendered you 100% invisible.

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      Thing about Assassin is, as long as you stay completely still in most corners of the maps, you ARE invisible. Don't give me that check your corners bunk, either; what with most corners being dark enough to even throw people off (Resistance and Carbon are PRIME examples of this). it's pretty bad when I have a 1080p monitor, and I look in a corner so shadowed that I still can't see a person if they're crouched.


      Every tool that could more efficiently root out a camper(s) aside from flanking has been nerfed to hell. That is what bugs me, especially when they're flashed in said corner and can still spray you to death.

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        I have to disagree with you on the Assassin issue.


        The only way to make Assassin work effecitively in the manner you're describing is to run Blind Eye and Dead Silence with it.


        Here's the problems with running that set up though (I know because I usually have a class set up with that combination when all of them become available) ...


        1 - the camper is going to run out of ammo at some point.


        2 - By just running recon and getting only ONE hit on the camper before he kills you, he is lit up on the radar until he is killed. With Recon Pro you only need to get a nearby explosion.


        3 - A Recon Drone tag, as mentioned, negates Assassin entirely until the camper is killed.


        4 - Recon Drone comes online after 10 kills regardless of how many times its user has gone down.


        IW and Activision both said during the Call of Duty XP tour that MW3 was going to have a couple of key characteristics.


        A - the game would be the most balanced COD to date. This concept on its own I think is a failure. The game is overwhelmingly weighted toward campers ... except that ...


        B - MW3, more than any other COD title, would be dependent upon players work as a team. To this degree the game is an overwhelming success. There is no doubt that there are benefits galore for organizing clans and playing in clans. Clans translate into teams during game play.


        The key to team succes is not just communication, "Hey, there's a guy in F4 camping hard!" Key also to team success is having a couple guys running Support, a couple guys running Assault, and a couple guys running Specialist strike packages.


        The point is that you can't have a team full of snipers and expect to win. You're team can't consist strictly of R&G guys to win. You're team can't consist strictly of campers and expect to win every time. You have to have a mix.


        The reason that there seems to be a lot of campers doing well right now is real simple:


        No one is working as teams to counter them. Why? Because everyone wants to be one of two things: either the eleet pro z sniper  or the eeleet pro Z run & gunner.

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          I'll give you the recon drone bit, but few people use the Recon perk due to it being outclassed by SOH. A good example would be the Striker; I use it on a class built to root out campers and support the team through flanking maneuvers. The reason I use SOH over Recon is due to the Striker's horrendously slow reload, which is the same with most of the guns in this game save SMGs/ARs. Recon is a GREAT perk, it's simply outshined by perks that are more useful overall. The same can be said for Scavenger and Extreme Conditioning.


          I don't have a dedicated clan to call home; my buddies and I aren't able to get together often enough to practice and beat face (life makes sure of this). This is why I lone wolf TDM, and why I don't communicate enough. I'd like to eventually get a six-man team consisting of my friends for us to beat the crap out of people (which we've done in Black Ops before, blew away CTF and Domination), but it's hard to do. I refuse to go into Objective games alone, due to a general distrust in the community.

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    all i can say is... i understand lag comp is a problem... but a. why should iw or activision care how much people spend on their internet connection. the majority of their customers have crappy internet. sure there are a lot of dedicated gamers that pay a lot for their internet to be superfast, but that really isn't, or shouldn't be, iw/activisions concern. they are catering to the majority.

    and b. just because you have a superfast internet connection, doesn't mean you are a better player than people with slower connections.

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      I never said it made me a better player, and I didn't mean for it to sound that way. I'm talking about bad in terms of dedication; those more dedicated to the CoD series where they would try to optimize their experience shouldn't be punished for the sake of those casuals with garbage ISPs/connections.

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    Anyone else out there? Come on, opinions are like ********, everyone's got 'em.

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    Regarding the Recon perk ... or any other perk or weapon, etc in the game ... that's why I was saying that IW said team work would be very important in MW3.


    There was a daily bonus achievement thing for getting 50 kills with the Recon perk last night. As a result I used it for a while and learned a lot about the perk as a result.


    Personally, without a regular team, you're right - I'd rather use SoH. Still, with 10 full custom classes, having one set up for the Recon perk would be wise.


    More importantly, if you are running with a team, the Recon perk is the pip. Use an underbarrel GL not to get kills, but to tag opponents. It works like a charm. If your opponents are affected by any nearby explosion you cause, they show up as a triangle on the mini-map just as if I had called in an Advanced UAV - regardless of whether or not they were using Ghost or Assassin. It was not that much of a help to me alone, but it did help the teams I was on.


    When I say it was not a huge help to me, my total kill count went down. KDR actually went up and so did WL.


    I focused hard last night on leveling up. That makes using perks like Recon a problem for me. Normally I want to get around the maps discretely, fast but quiet, engage multiple targets at the same time or in rapid succession, and move on. Using recon, you can't focus on taking out targets. You have to focus on tagging them first and then, if you can, take them out. That puts you at a higher risk of being killed yourself, at first glance. But I figured out real quick that the thing to do was to tag & run, not tag & bag.


    Tagging and running really helped weaker members on my teams. I can find people no matter where they hide. Leaving it up to others to take them out allowed me to move around more and faster. It allowed teammates to mop up and do the dirty work.


    Amazingly enough, I was still getting 10+ kills per match, too. For some weird reason UAVs were being spammed like crazy so I gave up trying to shoot them down and ran with a support package. Another huge plus for teams. I even got to call in a few stealth bombers. Anyway, most of the kills I was getting were "easy" kills when the opponent didn't have a lot of his teammates around and I could take them out before they even realized I was there.


    Recon works - but only if you're willing to place second or third on your team every match.


    (The Pro version probably could use some sort of buff. All you get out of that is the ability to tag with bullets - which is pointless IMO ... if you land bullets, you usually get a kill)

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      Again, I love the Recon perk (I'd likely use Overkill or Assassin with it since flanking is my general nature), but lacking a competent team makes it difficult. I still support my team, just through my own killstreaks. I love streaks like Advanced UAV and the Recon Drone, since they can root out campers, and in the case of the Recon Drone, get me TONS of assists in the process. I will agree that Recon could be done differently in terms of its pro version.

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    I haven't used recon so much as to actually tout it's awesomeness. I can however appreciate the tactical advantage of being able to paint a whole bunch of targets with the now weakened grenade launcher. When I first started playing MW3 online, reduced explosive damage was one of the first and most drastic changes I noticed (not to mention how few people were actually using grenade launchers). Of course with this seemingly reduced effectiveness there have been many people complaining ad nauseum in game chat about the shittiness that has become the noob tube. It's to be expected though. Something is considered OP and people complain... you tone it down a bit and people scream even louder.


    The thing that makes me smile is that One Man Army + Grenade Launcher is gone. Now it's been relegated to a strictly tactical weapon in my opinion. So, using it to flush people out of an objective area and/or paint them all with recon pro seems like the best use.


    As for Assassin... I think it all comes down to personal preference. There have been tons of comments about it being overpowered but I dont think that's accurate. It's certainly useful but it's not something I would see everyone using on damn near every class they make. It has it's uses but doesn't fit every playstyle.

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      Recon does have its advantages, as I've witnessed from its use in TDM by my allies. It just doesn't suit my playstyle. It DOES, however, support it in the fact that it makes my flanking maneuvers much more effective. Hopefully after Christmas, my friend will be in possession of MW3, and we can work out someone to have a Recon-based class (which I have been toying with in the back of my mind for some time now).

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    Anyone else want to weigh in?