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I have made my own clan FINALLY!  Its called......( dont want to say name just incase its stolen ) I am really good.... I dont look at peoples k/d only because a lot of people are better than their k/d for example me . Add me on ps3 Kazim1_786 and also message on here to let me know if u want to join.. U will have too give me a 1v1... There is only 3 of us atm but i just made it today kind of .... dont take this lightly u wud love to play with me... I have elite premium so have made the clan official on elite ...... SO get postin and join!( any guns clan) (dont need to be try hards.. im not thats how k.d goes down) ( if u think ur too good for me still add me and I will give u a 1v1 ) ( dont have to be quick scopers) ( I am going to start making montages and other videos) (Will try my utmost best to get this clan to the top but cant happen without u)