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Overpowered & Overused Weapons

In every match I ever go in, it's almost unaviodable, there's always at least one person using the following weapons:


  • UMP45
  • PP90M1
  • P90
  • Type 95
  • Akimbo Machine Pistols


(Just like in Black Ops, the Overused/Overpowered weapons were the Famas, AUG, and AK74u. The following also applies to these weapons too)


And they almost always use Rapid Fire.


Why? I have no idea. But the ONLY reason I can think of is that since it has such a high rate of fire, and only takes like 3 or 4 or 5 hits to kill you, all the nooby people use it and just point and spray with the weapons. It's even worse if you put on Rapid Fire, with the Range Weapon Perk, and Steady Aim. That's like noob city. Even more so when you're using your Secondary more than your Primary.


And what's worse is that like EVERYBODY does that. Like screw Assault Rifles, Snipers are scarce, LMGs are ignored, and everyone only uses the automatic shotguns. And these people are winning matches, NOT because of skill, but because they are the best at being overpowered, and know how to point at someone and press a button.


And I usually only die by these weapons. Very rarely do I die LEGITLY. I don't care if I die legitly. I don't care if I lose legitly. If someone beats me with a SCAR-L, sweet! He's pretty good. I die by a Quickscoper? That's what I call a legit death. But by a PP90M1? Spray and play! P90? Are you kidding me? UMP45? I like that rapidfire, NOT. Akimbo Machine Pistols? The reason I died was because of AKIMBOOOOOOO...


There are so few legit players out there. I use the SCAR-L. I use a CM901. I use a ACR. I use a KSG 12. Why? They are GREAT guns. They are LEGIT guns. No rapid fire spray guns here! It feels good to know I can win matches by being legit, and not by spraying those overpowered weapons. I even beat the people using the overpowered weapons. I got Red Dot Sight for the win! Extended Mags are pretty sweet. But no unlegit Rapid Fire.


I think it's sad that people think they are actually good when they use those overpowered weapons. I am just dissapointed. Then I tell them they are overpowered, and they're all like, "you're just mad you lost" or like "I just want to win". There's no respect in that. Where is your honor? Then when I ask them is hey know they are getting no respect, they're all like "I don't care about respect" or "shut up noob", and of course, various curse words and random your mom/face insults.


I let my skill do the talking, not my weapon.


If you beat me using those weapons, so what? I didn't lose to your skill, I lost to your weapon. ZERO respect points. When I beat you, you lost by my skill. If you beat me with a legit weapon (without camping) you deserve some respect right there.


Now I am a Co-Leader of a clan. Clan [ZS]. The Zodiac Slayers. In our clan, I don't allow the use of these overpowered weapons. My clan now thanks me for doing this. They now see the unlegitness of these players and these weapons. And by using LEGIT weapons, our clan members actually get better. We own with Assault Rifles, while the enemy team uses overpowered weapons. Why? Because even though they have an overpowered weapon, we got skill. We let our skill do the talking. We don't camp. We don't noobtoob. The only time we would EVEN CONSIDER using overpowered weapons, is if the enemy team was being SO cheap and SO unlegit, that we have to break out the overpowered weapons, to beat them back in there place. And you have no idea how many come-fome-behind victories we've pulled off by that.


Noob + Overpowered Weapon = Unlegit Winning Player

Skillful Player + Normal Weapon = Legit Winning Player

Skillful Player + Overpowered Weapon = Complete Domination Player


I know people will still use these overpowered weapons. And it makes me sad to know that. People will either agree with me, or say something like "U mad bro?" or like "F*** off noob" or something disrespectful and unlegit like that.


I wish Activision/Infinity Wardmade a game mode, where you could only use like an M4A1, or like the KSG 12. Everyone uses the same weapon. The same class. That would be a game mode decided by skill, and not your weapon.


And a way to solve this overpowered weapon problem, they could make it so it takes like 5-8 hits with a UMP45, PP90M1, P90, or Machine Pistol to kill you. And they could make Akimbo have horrible accuracy, instead of it's current pinpoint sniper rifle accuracy. I sure hope they have a patch like this, and maybe players will start to use an actual legit weapon.


But this is my viewpoint. My story. My insight. And deep down you know I said nothing but the truth. Agree with me or disagree with me, your choice. But if you disagree with me, you're lying to yourself.


If you read all of this, you're awesome, and you desereve a medal AND a cookie. Thank you.





(EDIT: 1247 - 1656 - 8190 is my MWR ally code, sorry for the confusion.)


MY CALL OF DUTY MW3 ALLY CODE: 2809-1552-9091

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