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Killstreaks - nOoB, Girl or Real Man?


Assualt - Real Man

Support - nOoB

Specialist - Girl


Let me explain them


Support - You couldn't hit a UAV if you camped an entire match, you complain that your Emergency nOob Drop takes too long to come in, you put the the EMP because enemy air support scares you and you don't have the sense to put on a Stringer = nOoB


Specialist - Your extra perks will include Blind eye and Assasin, you need 6 perks because with 3 you don't feel properly dressed......girls play dress up. You will include Stalker because you secretly want one = Girl


Assault - SOH, Hardline and Steady aim, Stringer. Not scared of enemy air support, it's their to be taken down. Overwatch, AC130 and Osprey. You only have Osprey on to help your team gets kills from your care packages, you like helping nOoBs and Girls feel like they are someone even when you are laughed at for doing so = Real Man

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