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Clan App To Join (Haxs or Agreeable Name) Xbox360


This is a clan i just made, feel free to join and anything with a (?) means it is optional but a means its a must

Haxs Requirements Must Be Met:

Some Skill...Not Looking For 1.40 Ok (But It Would Be Good)...Basicly If You Know How To Aim And Shoot

(?)Facebook (will make group)

Age 15+

Mature With Minimun Swearing

Wont Get Mad At Game

Wont Start Beef With People or Clan Members

(?)Fight Other Clans For Fun

(?)Offer Tips To Others Or Help Others With Etc.

(?)Preminum Elite Acc. (i dont have one yet but i plan on getting it)

Notify me on Xbox Live at AkumaDeavon (Gamertag) or on MW3 Elite, and or here in this thread (ONLINE NOW)