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XBL | Level 7 | Elite Golden Clan Tag DBL XP & more!


Hey guys I'm trying to get my clan to level up to level 10 for the golden clan tag and need people with Founder + 500xp clan boost. We are currently level 7. We only need 3 more levels! There are 9 people in the clan so far. We are also very good players and win 95% of the time when we play as a group. We are friendly always have a great time playing as a group. The clan has adults and teens only, so you're not joining a clan full of little kids. I'm currently prestige 4 lvl 47 with a k/d of 2.70. So please if you're interested post your XBL GT and I will send you an invite to join the clan and get dbl xp and more once we reach the levels that unlock rewards! Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks you and we look forward to playing with new clan members! The clan's name is FUAA. If you want to know what it means youtube "FUA" and watch the video.  Pretty funny, considering he was drunk when he made up the word. Now it's really popular, lol.