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"Wii" Are REALLY Fed Up Right Now... WiiAdmin  (27/11/11)

Its funny that the wii community need the most attention right now... and all the devs do is stalk the xbox and ps3 fourms... there supposed to report the problems to treyarch's wii team... and let us know the progress... but they dont even let us know if there seeing all these complaints...Im a stand up wii commentator... and I could give to ***** if I get banned for telling the truth... every-time I hear my friends telling me that there patching (PS360) the game like every two weeks... and we only get 1 patch that cause our killstreak's to be utterly useless... not that im thankful for the laggshooting data being corrupted... < GONE. BUT WiiAdmin should atleast let us know that they are seeing these complaints, listing down the things that need to be fixed, and to keep us updated.