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Add Map Customization?

I think a speak for most infection players when i say you should add this in the game.What I mean by this is to allow us in the Elite menu for Ps3, Xbox, and maybe Pc (if could be aloud) and make it so that we can have guns (that we place from the menu) on the floor get the in game kills from getting kills and like buy guns from off walls you get with kills. (Regular Elite members and non should not be aloud to do this.) BUT!! they should still be aloud to play the maps!


Allow us to place around care packages for walls to block certain ways of the map and flags to teleport from place to place. I cant see why you shouldnt this should all be aloud in private match only though. Also alow full customaztion to the game modes yes you did give us full customiztion on classes but not on the game type and the ablilty to make the game truly our own in private matchs. To be honest i love infection, but since theres so many barriers now its hard to get in a spot around the map to fully protect your self from the infected. So why not be able to get points in the matches for killing them and get more perks like saying you have slight of hand, quick draw, and stalker, why not get points over time to buy that stuff and kill steaks from the assult and support packages?


The infected people should not have just this bring down though from all this customization they should be aloud to get poits from dieing and getting kills so they earn death streaks more perks and maybe add a perk like lightweight just for them? If you do this many more people will be trying to get call of duty elite and then so bring you much more money because if treyach does this next year mw3's 25% of the players will go straight away to that call of duty. Thank you for reading and please post below of what you think.