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Things That Need To Be Fixed in MW3/Suggestions

1) The texting system is kinda confusing. You have no idea whether or not your reply was sent, or you were finished typing it (a "message sent" message would be nice)


2) It's almost impossible to add people as allies without their ally code. You can't click on their name and hit "Add Ally" like in Black Ops.


3) (Connects to #2) The Recent Players list doesn't work. So it's like impossible to add an ally of the match you're in. I still have players from since the game first came out.


4) The glitches in Outpost are annoying. (but I guess all glitches are annoying in general anyway)


5) Weapon balancing


6) Mic problem. Sometimes when you talk, your mic light comes on, but they can't hear you.


7) Really laggy when finding a match/searching for players.


8) Could say "Connection Interrupted" when the host's Wii freezes/turns off.


9) Matchmaking could be faster at times.


10) (this one is probably impossible) Could have different/fun game modes like Free PC FPS games. Like Kniving only, King of the Hill, Flag Football, the Wager Match games, but without COD points (maybe with EXP Match Bonuses?),


Just some things that need to be fixed, and some of my (wishful) suggestions.