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[iS] ~Infamous Society~ Now Recruiting! (Multi-System Clan) (Wii,PS3,360)


First and for-most, here is the clan site!





- Sign up for the site to see our main chatbox. You are always welcome to use the xat though! Feel free to conversate with everyone. We are really chill and get along with most everyone. However, you must be 14 years of age and have at least a 1.00 KDR.



~Some Clan History~


The Infamous Society was founded in December of 2010 so we have been around for over a year! We started originally on the wii, but we have recently spread out into PS3/360 divisions.


~Clan Policy~


- Glitching, Hacking, are all PROHIBITED and will result in a immediate ban if used.


-China Lakes/Rocket Launchers are allowed, however, the grenade launcher attachment is not. We don't mind you using it sometimes, but don't over-do it.


- Don't put the clan tag on until you are apart of the clan.


- No Multi-Clanning.


- No Drama, this clan has zero tolerance for drama here.


- Our Age Limit is usually 14, and we will not take immaturity from any member aspiring to join. We will accept younger members based on there maturity level.





- Founders - Self-explanatory, lol.


- Leaders - To help oversee the rest of the clan and run the clan as a democracy.


- Co-Leaders - 3rd in command to the Leaders and Head Administrators. If a leader isn't present a mod is the next highest authority. If there is ever a disagreement between the leaders, the Moderators are looked to for a response.


- Division Leaders -  These guys oversee a specific system. They can also solve a majority of your problems.


- Specialists - (On hold for the moment.) They specialize in tryouts and Recruiting. Must carry the tk address on them at all times. They must find good active members for the clan. (Everyone else can still recruit, it's just this is their main job.)


- Members - The nucleus of the clan. The base and power of the clan. The members are always important and they can voice their opinion and not be scared for what a higher ranking member will say.


- Recruits In Training - This is a 1-2 week position that you will hold until you are evaluated by the Leaders and Moderators to see if you are really Infamous Society Material and when the Leaders go back and look at your Tryouts and such things they will let you know if you are accept into the clan or not. While you're a recruit in Training your tag will be (iS) NOT [iS] but as soon as you are accepted you can remove the parentheses and then add the brackets.


- Honored Guests - If you just wanna stop by and chill out with everyone, we'll add you to this usergroup!


- We are adding new roles for the PS3/360 soon!



~Tryout Process~


You will do two public TDM's and two other game types of your choice. We basically want to know how you play. Be sure to play normally and naturally. This is not the only thing that depends on you getting in the clan. So don't worry if you don't do to well. We care more about how you act as a person. But hey, it never hurts to be good at the game, lol.




~Recruitment Process ~


If you are interested in joining iS, visit our website at joinis.tk or http://InfamousSocietyClan.com/. Once you are there, register and then post an application in the application forum, using the application form provided. The leaders will respond ASAP as to whether your application has been accepted or not. Then, we will schedule a tryout for you, in which you will play 4 games, 2 TDMs and 2 objective-based gamemodes, as this will measure your prowess as a player was well as your willingness to help the team, rather than being just a killwhore. The person who did your tryout will post your scores on the forum, and people ranked Specialist or higher will vote on your tryout. If you get enough people to vote "Yes", you will become an RIT


As an RIT, you will be watched for about 2 weeks, as you play with clan members and regularly visit the forum. At the end of the 2 weeks, we will let you know if you have passed or not. If you have, then you will officially become a member of [iS].


Anyone who has not been seen for over 2 months on the forum and in game will be removed from the Roster, but if they come back at any time they are free to rejoin without losing their spot in the clan.

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