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A collection of things that are annoying and suggestions on how to fix them

So, since I've owned mw3 I have joined the rest of the community in rage mode over certain things. This post is a list of the things that the community says need fixing and how the community suggests IW/SH should fix them. Go ahead and post your own suggestions guys, the more the better.


"OP Weapons"

Type 95

This really isnt that op guys, get over it. To stop people winging, the best IW/SH can do is increase the hipfire spread and ADS time, leaving it at an even worse close range advantage.



EASY fix, lower the number of bullets in the mag = more reloads and less starting ammo, making people use scavenger and reload slow.


FMG 9's

Super simple, lower the fire rate but keep the same amount of recoil OR increase hipfire spread.


"OP Perks"


One thing I can suggest is to move assasing into the blue perks and put recon as a second tier perk. Any thoughts on this guys? Just remember that the UAV spam will die down when people get better at the game.


"UP Weapons"


How is this UP? I went flawless 13-0 with this gun, just use it at long range only, it is better than the type 95 at range.



If this gun is buffed up, it will be the same as the AA-12 or OP, it is an excuse for an early shotgun, every game needs a terrible shotgun lol, just look at the olympia or mw2 striker



There is NO way LMG's will be usable until IW/SH make the maps more like mw2, I don't know how to explain it but mw2's maps were good for any primary, now its all CQC.


"UP Perks"


When the FMG's are dumbed down this perk will be better, however, have you guys tried an M16/Type 95 with a shotgun or SMG for a second primary? It prepares you for any situation


Silly Lag

Shooting people within 1m with shotguns, only to get no hitmarkers and die

This happens to me ALL the time, these are clear shots on target in shotgun range and not even a hitmarker. Suprise suprise I keep on dieing. Anybody have suggestions for the devs?


Getting shot 'round corners

ugh, this never goes away in any cod game, I hope there is a way to fix it, it definately makes me rage.


"Mummy! Elite Sucks! I wasted your money!"

Stop complaining about elite guys, it only just came out and is still being developed on. You choose to pay for the features it has to offer, think before you buy. It's great for some, but others will find it useless.


No 720p rendering on PS3

C'mon Activision, just because XBOX is easier to develop for it doesnt mean you must give it all the features. Hurry up and impliment this before somebody sues you for false advertising!