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this is something new!

lets get this straight people on the forums are whining about camping, guns being overpowered and so on so on, thats what you want to here so instead of that lets "add"  yes add to the game and not destroy it for heaven sakes so for example lets add arcade mode to campaign and maybe more guns to multiplayer ohh and also combat training off and online just for a bigger and richer experiance this is after all the third and final modern warfare i believe and even if it's not why not just put aside the "fixes" and give us some content:D people will love it please let infinity ward see so we can have more content and not just fixes.

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    If you will "add" some punctuation to your post people will know what the hell you are talking about.  As it stands, it's one long run-on sentence of gibberish. 

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      is that really what you got out of my message. really??? um. im at a loose for words. is that enough periods. please to be clear my message isn't a rant like all the rest and if your so against adding new features to the game i can't stop you but please don't troll at my message just becuase it doesn't appear to you as properly structured. thats just rude! if you new any better you would be listening to what i was saying and not how i wrote it down.

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    sure that would be great... except this is a capitalism economy and they aren't going to just thrown on new content for free.  Anyways I'd be perfectly happy just to get some free patches to nerf the overpowered guns