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Generally Only Noobs and campers don't use Tactical layout


Seems fair, having a faster drop is a life Savior and imo necessary for any active player to be beast all-rounder, unless playing average players anyway. Where seeing someone first is enough. You can drop behind cover quicker and can dropshot at any given moment > means win. People that don't use it are usually noobs or average players at best. Panic knife whores. Just imo.


Campers don't use it because they don't have the skill to time and be mobile with the tactical layout (don't need it behind cover 24/7 anyway pre-adsed) & they love their free ohk teleport lunges after getting outgunned in reality. Also a low sensitivity generally means defensive player. The better player can play on a high one and thus aim & navigate himself quicker constantly around maps. (not necessary 10 just a pretty high one say 4 (at least) to 10).


Hate dropshotters? What is a man to do out in the open, give you a free kill?