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enemy has juggernaut

what do you do when you hear the other team has a jugg either


a) run and hide


b) or do you go after the big bast*rd and take him down


i like to go jugg hunting ive a few jugg kills to my name i just wish there was some way of telling how many you have took like having a stat on elite

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    I don't see Juggernaut too often, and 90% of the time he's on my team. I love when my teammates use Jug-Rec; the enemy is distracted by the Riot Shield, so I just dance around ol' Juggs and get me some free kills while they're distracted.

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      I play a lot of Ground War, and Jugs are very common. Especially in Dom and KC.


      It all depends on context - if we are winning, I normally don't care to go after the juggernaut because running after him is sometimes all it takes to turn a game from a winning position into a losing position.


      If I see one lonely fool on my team trying to take the Jugg on one on one via my map, I normally let him go and do it. He's either going to FMG the Jugg down, and be a hero, or foolishly get killed and not really help the team at all.


      If however, I see the Jugg about to engage in two or three of my teammates, then heck yeah, I get involved and do my best to mow him down. Often having three or four guys shooting at him at the same time will take him down very, very quickly, so it's worth getting in there and helping the team out.

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    I piss my pants everytime I hear that.

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    Everytime I hear it I go straight for him and do my damndest to take him down. If anyone helps out, that's fine. I see them pretty frequently too. Usually recon Juggy's though. I killed a Jugg once by emptying a full barret clip on him and got perfectionist in the process... good times.