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Call of duty elite patch, how to level up your clan?

Today my friends said that there was an elite patch so I went to go do it even though I was not allowed onto elite on my xbox before this (waste of 50$) after the patch it let me log in, and said I was a premium member. So I think that the patch was to let everyone on elite.


Second, How do you level your clan on elite?

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    its actually not a waste of $50 even if they never got it working 100% correctly just to buy the 3 map packs alone would be $60 so right there u are saving $10

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    You level up your clan through Clan Operations and Challenges which are not yet up




    What are Clan Operations?

    Clan operations are similar to lone wolf operations in that they score premium players for certain stats in certain game modes for specific amounts of time. Operations can range from “Most Team Deathmatch Kills” to “Most Captures in Domination,” generally last for three to four hours, and award real prizes and Elite badges.

    The two key differences between clan operations and lone wolf operations are that clan operations score members of clans instead of independent players, and clan operations award Clan XP.



    How do Clan Operations work?

    To participate in a clan operation, you need to be a premium member of a clan and your clan’s leader must enlist your clan before the operation has started. If you are a free Elite member, you can still play along side your clan mates in MW3 during operations, but we only score the premium members of your clan.

    Only your clan leader may enlist your clan into operations, so if you see an operation you really want to participate in, make sure you suggest the operation to your clan leader from that operation’s page.

    Once your clan is enlisted in an operation and the operation has begun, you and your clan mates must try to get the highest total or highest average for whatever stat is being scored before the operation ends.

    To keep clan operations fair, your clan’s score in clan operations will be a total (or average) of the top six highest scoring members of your clan. This way clans small, large, and in between will all be on an even playing field as far as scoring is concerned.



    • Bronze



    • Silver


    • Gold


    • Champion

      1st Place on Leaderboard

    *Percentages are based on the top leadboard positions


    What can I win in Clan Operations?

    Clan operations award clans that finish in the bronze tier or better. Bronze may change from op to op, but generally if your clan finishes in the upper half of an operation, it will be rewarded.

    These rewards include a badge that is displayed in your clan’s showcase and clan clan XP. If your clan wins a champion badge, the players that finished in the top six of your clan for that operation will receive real prizes.

    Remember that only your clan receives a badge for performing well in operations. Your clan showcase is designed to let other users know how legit your clan is by promoting your accomplishments together.



    What are clan challenges?

    Clan Challenges represent both in-game and ELITE milestones that reward Clan XP as well as in-game emblems upon completion. Challenges range from passive milestones, such as the number of days the Clan has existed, to more active achievements, such as winning a certain number of matches with at least six Clan members on the team.

    Most Challenges are multi-tiered, with higher tiers rewarding larger amounts of Clan XP. Complete the first tier of a Challenge to unlock the second, and so on up until the final tier unlocks. Completing the final tier of any Challenge rewards all members of the Clan with a new in-game title or emblem.


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    You can level up yor clan by playing clan events. They are not available yet they will be coming soon.

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    Its March 25. Still no clan ops. Yeah CoD Screwed us again.