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  • Re: Looking for a clan (please read over)

    Same thing for me. Rob Rod 420 if anyone is looking for members that play and actually go for the challenges from the elite site.

  • Re: delete

    @Satanix - what the Rush 'n' Kill clan did to you was aweful. Dont let them get away it. You are possiblyy not the only one they did this to. I suggest you two do two things.


    1. Lodge a complaint with the Elite team. You should at least get your XP back from the Rush 'n' Kill clan that scammed you.


    2. Post a comment on this forum enviting others to share a similar experience and also post a comment to warn others about them. I suggest that you title your threads -  "Anyone else scammed by  Rush 'n' Kill clan? and "Clan Scam Alert - Beware of  Rush 'n' Kill clan".


    Again, dont let them get away with it.


    If you are still looking for a clan to join, we will welcome you - see the following link for more info   - http://www.callofduty.com/thread/100578141 . Its OK that you dont fit the profile of the type of member we are seeking to recruit, we'll make an exception.