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¶ ¶ LFM-CodGods-MW3 (360) Send Gamertag ¶ ¶

CodGods is a clan created at the very beggining of ELITE and is looking for members, preferably Premium or Founders so that we can get xp boost and unlock emblems and titles more quickly, due to the fact that challenges and operations aren't running yet. Stay active, stay sharp, stay cool and join CodGods, and have a much more enjoyable experience playing MW3. Looking for people who are active on COD, are good teammates, and can kick some butt. Gamertag is SIlent John, send me a message with your gamertag and I'll send you an invintation, or post a reply on this page with your gamertag and I'll invite you. XBox 360 is the required system, but however, we will accept PS3 users you just may be left out of events and private matches that will be held, once we get enough members. Maturity is something we're looking for, but age does not matter. Also, try and have a KD ratio of at least 1.0 but .75 is acceptable. Regular/ Hardcore SD, Kill Confirmed, Team Deathmatch, Demolition, and Ground War are game types that is a preference of mine, but I will play any game type! In the future, I hope to hold private matches of game types like team deathmatch and free for all (possibly even 1 life matches) in which the person with the highest score or the last man standing will win prizes like microsoft points, 1 month gold, and even 2 day trials (just to keep the fun around in case I don't have 1 monthers at the time). Prizes will get even better ( 3 month gold, 4000 microsoft points, etc.) if people join the clan and it becomes succesful, but in order to do this we need new members, starting with you! Anyone who joins gets a free cup of joe