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boosting or just lazy?


So, the other night I was in a Kill Confirm match sniping and this guy put his tact insert right in the middle of the map.  Like any good sniper I put one thru his head and waited. BAM another head shot on the guy.  He did this about 4 times during the match going 4-19.  But here is the kicker because he was collecting his tags with the tact insert he was at the top of the score board for his team.

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    If he did it multiple games in a row I'd report him for boosting. Sounds sketch and an investigation would have to be conducted by staff.

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    I saw a clan doing this the other day.

    They were all running shot guns.  They would drop a tack as soon as the spawn.

    They'd respawan and reclaim their tag before you can confirm the kill and quite posibble kill you while you're trying to claim their tag.

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    id call it stupid myself they know what will hapen to them if they get caught and they still do it

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    It amazes me how people come up with these scams......I would never of dreamt of doing that for points

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    I agree, I have fallen in love with Kill Confirmed. I've always been a HC HQ guy but without it in this game the next best thing is HC KC. However, it seems the past few days almost EVERY game we play in there is at least one person on the other team doing this pathetic trick to get more points. They will set a tac in a corner and sit on top of it and wait to be shot and then claim their tag (for the 250) and try to kill me and get mine before I kill them again. My team won 65-38 on Seatown yesterday. The guy doing the tac inserting scored 4960. The Highest I've seen and he went 18-35.... i reported him for boosting. I feel that maybe tac inserts shouldn't be allowed in kill confirm like it is with FFA. Or make it have a certain range that you can't be within it....would also do well with claymores/bettys to keep guys from sitting in a corner with one in front of them. Just a thought.

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    Why is these boosting you using a TI that the developer gave you to use. if they use the trhophy  is boosting  because every time you throug a grenade it counter it. I will keep using TI in killconfirm until the developer take it out the game mode. these is no different then headquarter or domination  where people put a TI next 2 the headquarter or the flag.

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    From 402 twitter


    In Kill Confirmed, if you die on purpose to pick up your dog tag, is that "boosting"?


    Yes. Any form of killing yourself on purpose to gain score illegitimately is a form of boosting.

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    This was obviously an oversight of the developer.  The use of tactical insertion in Kill Confirmed isn't the problem. There is no "tactical" advantage to placing one in the middle of the battlefield where you can easily be killed.


    I ran into this for the first time this last weekend and it took me a couple matches to figure out what's going on when I finally looked at his score. 


    MVME2NIGHT wrote:


    This is no different then headquarter or domination  where people put a TI next 2 the headquarter or the flag.


    It's completely different.  There is no objective.  If you place it in a hidden corner to quickly gain access to your favorite spot then thats fine.  If you continually place it in the middle of all the action with the intent to die and score a lot of points from picking up your own tags then thats exploitation and boosting. I will continue to report anyone I see doing it until I get and official comment from 402 that says otherwise.

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    If you letting yourself die but the OP was snipping. which he must of been far from the dogtag and not collecting the dog tag so why he mad. but if you just laying you TI turn the corner and get kill and put down another one before you get you tag. how is the boosting.

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