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☠ CodGods Needs Few More Founders ☠ (360)

CodGods is a clan that is already on its way to greatness, we have six members already and will continue to grow and develop at a quick pace like this. We will get larger and once that happens, competitions will be held in which prizes can be won. In order for me to even spend money on microsoft points and gold subscriptions, we're going to have to get more people in here so that we can hold large private matches. We will destroy anyone who stands in our way and will show no remorse or pity. Those who think that they can stop us will be torn to shreds by the pure Godliness of our clan. Take your place among the throne, and join us and become gods. Looking for preferablly premium/ founders right now, but I will accept free ELITE members if you have a KD ratio of at least 1.2. Send your gamertag to SIlent John or leave a reply with it on this page, and I will reply back to you quickly.