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  • 105. Re: Quickscoping.

    Yeah, quickscoping is bad, plain and simple.


    You are giving someone a one bullet kill weapon, and allowing them to use it as a sub machine gun.


    If you are going to allow quickscoping, then take out one shot chest kills. I mean, if I shot you in the chest with an assault rifle you'd be done, but I'm forced to shoot you 3-4 times.


    They give that power because it's supposed to be a more difficult gun to shoot. The auto aim alone for sniping is atrocious, much less not even looking through the scope. I will pick up a sniper rifle and use it because it's so easy, I never snipe, haven't since MW1, but on MW3? Oh yeah, piece of cake, even if I miss the auto-aim will correct my shot alot of the time.


    Go outside and fire a rifle, see how terrible your shot would be if you tried what IW allows.

  • 106. Re: Quickscoping.

    i was fooling around and tried QS for the first time yesterday... got 2 out of 3 kills, this is definitively a cheat... just have the opponent pretty much centered and pressing aim/fire in rapid succession... insta-kill ...stupid.

    But I guess its trendy and all the "l33tSniPezZZzz" kids like it ...so we're stuck with this crap.

  • 107. Re: Quickscoping.

    Quickscoping doesn't bother me in the least - they are so easy to kill. Sure every once in a while one will get me, but it's usually from behind when I'm preoccupied trying to kill someone else.


    Last week I was playing DOM on Fallen and this dude on the other team was just running around trying to quickscope everyone. He sucked. Naturally, his GT was something like Eleet QScopezz, or something like that. I swear he followed me around the whole game, because I'd kill him near a flag and low and behold he'd be back trying to QS me as soon as I tried to cap it.


    I killed him every single time, it wasn't even fair. The highlight was when ole scopezz decided it would be cool to jump off the roof and no-scope me while I was capping C - I just waited until he landed and dummied him between the eyes with my P99.


    Point is, they are easy kills and pose very little threat - hell, even the good ones hardly go positive and they never cap objectives.


    Having a whole bunch on your team, however, can be pretty frustrating...

  • 108. Re: Quickscoping.

    Quick scoping, like dropshotting, is stupid. That said, I'll do both if I'm in a bad position and have no other choice. I rarely dropshot and quick scope only if I don't have time to switch to my secondary.


    It's the people that do these things all the time that are frustrating... The game would be better off without both of these.

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