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    Yeah,  at 750 to 1000+ RPM with a 2 - 3 hit kill weapon.  


    You can ADS and fire more than enough rounds to kill before the scope on the rifle even comes up.  That's not even factoring the hip fire accuracy of the automatic weapons. 


    If it is so easy,  Reproduce it. 

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    What are you? Stupid? I was laughing because you're talking about honor in a video game. You had no validity to your argument, and when presented with facts you changed subjects...you probably have self esteem issues if you have to act like the 'Internet tough guy', yet alone complain about someone's playstyle in a game. You want honor? Join the military when you're of age and/or mental capacity. You'll find plenty of real "honor" there.

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    @NathanW18. You and pretty much everyone else is misunderstanding the point. Yes, to pull of ONE SINGLE quick scope is easy, but pulling them off consistently and throughout the entire game requires skill. When I snipe and get quick scoped once or twice, do you think that I bow down to the player who killed me because of his amazing skill? No. I check his score at the end of the game, to find out he went 5-30. Consistency = skill, not the fact that you can pull one shot off every 3 lives.

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    NathanW18 wrote:




    It's all skill!


    face palm so hard. that is a 1 in 100 shot, assuming that he actually didn't fully scope in (looks a little premature to just be killcam lag). And I seriously can't even comprehend that the kid laying on the ground for 30 seconds with his MP9 is complaining about someone quick scoping him.


    And I just want to say I have respect for good snipers, good sniping which in situations does require "quickscoping", but I hate the f*ggots who refuse to do anything but quickscope more than I hate the ignorant kids who talk trash on QSing. Like when the "OMG U HARDSCOPED U R A ***" kid goes 5 and 30 everygame, it's just so embarassing to anyone who is actually good at sniping. I don't give a f**k if you did a  double woopty temper faze mega backflip no scope shot once in you're life, doesn't change that you suck at sniping 99% of the time. Sigh.

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    I have heard of kids complaining and crying because they got killed by a "hardscoper".  "He's hardscoping what a noob." 


    Let me just say that any legitimate sniper in cod, anyone who is actually good at the game will tell you that there is nothing wrong with hardscoping.

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    ^ Agreed. People need to stop listening to the kids in SnD who scream at every kill cam that isn't a "Dark Scope". As a sniper it drives me nuts. Quick scope when you have to. If you quick scope and hard scope at appropiate times, you'll end up being more effecient. Theres a time to hard scope and a time to quick scope. Watch any decent sniper gameplay from these big names on YouTube, and you will find that they even hard scope when they need to. It's the ignorant 12 year olds that think every shot must be quick scoped.

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    Agreed.  I usually respond to those kids with something along the line of,  "That's why I'm 30 - 5 and you're 5 - 30".  

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    they made it alot easier since mw3 im not complaining but sometimes it can be annoying but from what i heard thre gonna lower the damg on the snipers

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    Whooa...ok hold on.


    Trust me, I understand what you mean about snipers being used realistically, and I agree that to become a sniper you need to be a skilled marksman and endure intense mental and physical training...but none of that transfers to CoD. I'm not going to beat a dead horse and say "it's just a game", but how boring would it be if you had to infiltrate to a clear vantage point while staying hidden from the enemy. You'd get like 1-3 kills a game, and would never level up. The game is run and gun, so if you're going to snipe you need to be able to adapt. So voila, quickscoping in FPSs comes into play.  By no means am I saying that every kill needs to be a quickscope, that would be very stupid. But I DO think that a sniper should be able to quickscope and "hardscope" (aka snipe) in order to be considered a good sniper. From what I've experienced in this game, its that the pace is too fast to NOT quickscope. If you do find a good VP, revenge killers always set out to get you. You have to snipe and move if you wanna get a good streak/good k/d.


    How is it "too easy" to do, but it ruins your k/d?! I'm not sure if I understand how that's possible. Most people complain that it's an exploit/OP'd, so wouldn't that boost your k/d?! I do agree that the ADS time in this game is ridiculously fast, but as I mentioned earlier, you need to have it be that fast due to the pace of the game. To get 1 quickscope kill, it may be "easy" (probably more luck than skill), but I'm order to run the tables in a pub lobby, you have to have skill, quick reflexes, good map/situation awareness, and your timing and aiming skills need to work simultaneously.


    No noob could just pick up a MSR and 1v1 QS an experienced quickscoper. They'd get destroyed. It takes a lot of practice to perfect quickscoping.

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