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    Someone obviously doesn't understand the difference between a trickshot and a QS....

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    It's funny how people call it an exploit. What exactly are they exploiting? IW and Treyarch know what they are doing to sniping. When you quick scope, your not "exploiting" a flaw. The designers made it so you could by minimizing the sway. Your example of how quick scoping is luck is also funny. That's trick shotting, which everyone knows is mostly luck.


    Quickscoping takes skill, and I've said it multiple times. To be a consistent quick scoper takes skill, not getting 1 quick scope every 3 lives. And if those who are failing at quick scoping are giving you kills, why complain? More kills for you.


    But I'm pretty sure any consistent aggressive sniper is more skilled than any sniper who sits in a bush.

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    A guy using dual FMG9's ******** about an exploit?  LOLOLOLOL

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    quickscoping is so stupid. when i'm not lagging my *** off i'm usually quick enough on my feet moving left and right to dodge 2-3 missed quickscope attempts while putting rounds into their forehead. nothing is funnier when a guy misses more than twice quickscoping and i get the kill. what annoys me is the quickscopers who get the drop on me from half the distance across the map, me not ever seeing them.

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    My sniper friends actually say similar things to you. They tell me that they get constant hit markers, but my other reg gun friends and I always seem to get one shotted. I can likely count on one hand the amount of times a sniper has gotten a hit marker on me. When I see a sniper, I tend to to think that I'm going to die. I'm just used to getting one shotted.


    I guess I need to give it a try, myself, to see what it's really like.

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    ^ Seriously, if anything is an exploit, it's finding the cheapest set ups the game has to offer. I wonder why I even argue over quick scoping being OP'd when there are things like Type-95's with assasin. Something is wrong when quick scoping is being mentioned as a problem and not these no recoil guns that drop as fast as my MSR.

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    quickscoping in MW3 is definately NOT skillful, if I can got 20 to 12 in a game doing nothing but quickscoping there is something wrong, I can barely snipe, yet I can somhow use a "skillful tactic"? Nah, don't buy it.


    quickscoping IS an exploit, anyone with a brain knows that, IW just make it easier so that quickscopers will buy the game. In laymans terms, quickscoping essentially negates sway and recoil, bith of which are SUPPOSED to make sniping balanced, that is all quickscoping is.

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    What makes me mad about quick scoping is the fact that you don't even have to be aiming directly at the person to make it work. I can't tell you how many killcams I've seen where the crosshair was aimed 10ft to the side of the guy. If it was a few or 2, fine I can chalk that up to lag, but when its 2-3 body widths to the side, that's kinda BS.

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    Same thing usuall happens to my friends and I. We usually notice the bs that happens but never what happens when we get a kill. We never notice the fact that the sniper got a hitmarker, but we do notice when we get one shotted by it. Vice versa, I only notice the damage on a reg. gun when I get killed.

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    It should be removed so people like me don't have to lose every TDM I play because some fu**king tool box who thinks going 1-17 is awesome because he now has a clip for his montage. The people he is killing don't suffer, it's the people on the same team losing every TDM. Just make QS private match only FFS and while your at it put the knife in there to.