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What LMG class is the best???


Hey, Delta 9 here again and I want to talk about what LMG class kicks a** my fav class right now is the MK46 red dot with kick and the GL with support CUAV, AUAV and recon jugg... but tell me what your fav LMG class tell me what think???


Delta 9 out !!!

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    My LMG Class is with the MG36 with grip and rapid fire. blind eye, hardlinepro or quickdraw, and stalker. and javelin.

    This for me flat out owns for a LMG class, its a well balanced class. That offers good fire rate decent damage. Theres a noticeable kick but when managed is a good class for all game styles

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    I prefer using the L86 LSW. With a grip and silencer, it's decent. With a grip AND kick, it's about as accurate as a sniper rifle. You just gotta sit close to the screen, haha.


    You only need to reload once, and it's one of the fastest LMGs at that. If there's 4-5 baddies in front of you, any weapon other than an LMG won't cut it.


    I wanted to like the Mk46, but the iron sights are attrocious. Haven't tried the M60, but I hear it sucks.


    Also, because you only need to worry about reloading once, and you have tons of ammo, having a sidearm is mostly redundant, so you can have a noob toob or a riot shield (via overkill) as your secondary weapon. I usually just run around with a shield on my back to give me a slight edge when someone catches me off guard.


    @Delta9 I also read somewhere that grip reduces recoil more than kick, so I might try using Attachments, and then grip+red dot