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    I think number 2 would be the best but still at a decreased amount of damage. Hitting someone with the butt of your gun would essentially stop my rage of it just being a knife. That enfuriates me but it would still anger me if hitting someone with the butt of the gun was still a one hit kill so lower the damage and change the knife to hitting with the gun would be good IMO.

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    Honestly, if the knife had to be swapped to, in order to use, I wouldn't have minded Commando. That's how strongly I feel it should be equiped to. I think it should be like this: Press the Right Stick to pull out knife. Right Trigger to knife. Right Stick to swap back to gun. Make the knife like it was in the Black Ops Campaign, when you had nothing but a knife in the beginning of the Vorkuta mission, and in the Victor Charlie mission.


    To touch on why I don't think other options will work. I don't think #4 would work, because sometimes due to lag, we might shoot two bullets on target, enough to kill them, but they might not register, and we'd get knifed, and feel even more frustrated than we do now.


    I don't think a Knife Vest as a perk would work, because the instant you receive a cheap knife death, you are going switch to that perk. It would be a dominant perk in its tier. I think MW3 finally got the perks right. I think they are very well structured. There is no evil, cheap perk (Second Chance), no overused one we NEED to use to keep up (Stopping Power, Ghost) and there is no almighty combination. I don't feel the need to add new perks year after year, because that just complicates the game more, and requires more time and thought to sit there blalancing everything. I say leave the perks the way they are, no new ones at all. It'll just complicate things more. I think they are perfect the way they are.


    Also, on a side note, WE WANT CUSTOM ZOMBIE MAPS ON CONSOLE! Custom maps worked in Tony Hawk games on the freakin Gamecube.

    C'mon bro.

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    I think you should remove the knife and **** onlyusemeblade in the butt. that is one person. i think you should go back to only pistols as secondaries. no more machine pistols. i think rpg's or stingers should be a perk. with that said, just take out ghost because people can shoot down the uavs, or call in a CUAV.

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    Vahn, anything that prevents players from insta-knifing you when you shoot bullets at you is fine by me.


    Remove the lunge is the most important fix to prevent "panic knifing"




    Do what BF3 did with knifing. Pull the knife out first and then stab them.

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    Sounds like you just want a remastered COD 4...



    Consider this, make the knife do just as much damage as the "knifer" has health.  For example, if I shoot a guy twice, he won't be able to get a lucky knife off on me and one hit k.o. me.  This would all but elminate panic knifing, yet still allow the knife to be used as a stealth device if you sneak up behind someone, without the need to introduce new controls for pulling the knife out to kill people.  I feel as though this would remedy if not all, the vast majority of the problems of knifing.

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    If you are trying to knife someone who has hurt you within the last couple of seconds, make the knife a two-hit kill, or lower the knife's damage to 99 at most.

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    # 2, 5 and 8 are the best options IMO. Also don't screw up the PS3 port this time.

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    Thank you Vahn for taking initiative and putting some much needed feedback on this topic.


    My Twitter timeline is blowing up with commentary about the knife as a melee weapon and how being killed with it can be fustrating to players. We've thought about and discussed ALL of these and several others:



    3. Make the knife something you have to equip before you can slash it.


    4. Have guns do more damage at "melee knife ranges" so that if you need a single bullet or two to drop someone about to stab you.


    8. Do away with the melee lunge entirelly.


    These three stick out in my mind as key.  3 and 4 really make sense because it just brings up the old cliche, don't bring a knife to a gun fight.  The gun should have much more power over someone pressing a button and getting a 1 hit kill even though he has 2 or 3 rounds in his lower half. 


    I read this idea somewhere a few months ago...  Say you have someone going around a corner, one of them starts shooting, gets 2 rounds in the lower stomach, upper leg area... the other decides to go for a knife kill.  Instead of him lunging and getting the one hit kill, how bout make the knifes damage get cut 1/2 or 3/4 BECAUSE he has 2 bullets in him already.  I understand that would be tough to code, but if you really want to stop the whining, something has to be done, and I really thought that idea was a great one. 


    But for overall feedback, I'd say those three I selected would be a great addition to a flawed system we have now.  It's old and abused.  Time for something different.  If one can't get done, try and make sure another can, correctly.


    Thanks again Vahn.

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    I say get rid of it completely or make get rid of lunge.

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