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  • 40. Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

    You forgot "make the knife animation interruptable by incoming damage".


    Whenever an enemy is being shot at or is currently damaged (Red Bloody Screen), there should be a delay for them trying to use a knife.



    Or, just cancel out the knifing animation whenever they are being shot at.


    Making the knife an equipment would basically make it worse, as we will have people just running around carrying a knife, making it a dedicated weapon.


    The knife being an equipment would be a great idea if there is a trade off such as not being able to equip grenades or claymores while carrying a knife as equipment.


    If the knife is used as an equipment, it should take sometime to be able to pull it out, not just instantly.


    What I would also love is being able to butt someone with your weapon, and make it a 2 hit kill ala Halo. This would definetly bring an old school Call of Duty feel to it as well, since I remember that being the case in the earlier Call of Duty games.


    The "Vest Perk" would also be a great addition to the series.


    Just stop suggesting the "No Lunge" deal because with some matches, lag overtakes it.  You still have lunges even after being promised that there wouldnt be such thing.


    There definetly needs to be something about the idea, I would even go as far as suggesting a radical change.


    We can't be having panic knife, make it an even playing field, too much frustration with it, Please Vhan:


  • 41. Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

    Let's see...

    2. If butting someone is slower than knifing

    3. Best solution imo

    6. Solid idea, but not one of my favorites.  However I would be happy if this was implemented into the game at all.

    8. Least appealing tweak, but a helpful tweak nonetheless

    Thanks for hearing our feedback Vahn!

  • 42. Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

    1&2 only. No knife what so ever.

  • 43. Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

    Yeah I vote for using the butt of ur gun

  • 44. Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

    I've honestly never had a huge problem with knifing other than on MW2 when commando was a perk. But I can understand how it can be frustrating to some. I can't say I've never raged over a guy who runs through my bullets just to run in and knife me. Been there done that.


    I like these two options combined...


    2. Get rid of the knife entirelly and return to using your gun to butt someone.


    3. Make the knife something you have to equip before you can slash it.


    Don't lose the knife all together, but give it a little more realism with having to actually pull it out (TWSS). Also I like the idea of using the butt of your gun, I feel like that is a better "panic" option. But having to equip a knife and even dropping it for akimbo users might take the edge off the big issues people complain about.


    But of course there will always be those you can never satisfy. That's my $0.02.

  • 45. Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

    honestly i believe the best way to deal with the knife mechanic is to make it equipable through the dpad to use it... it would get rid of "panic knifers" and make for a more gun on gun affair


    if that option isnt available i believe that making the gun action cancel when being shot would also help the situation... for example if im shooting someone point blank, there knife action cancels becasue there being shot, much like the animation when ur gun stops shooting when a riot shield hits you.


    lastly another option i think would make the situation alot better would be to completely take out the lunge (pretty straight forward)

  • 46. Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

    To me, #3 seems like the best option, or do the "Stab Vest" perk as a pro variant to something like Flak Jacket. #3 or like the Halo system.

    Thank you, Vahn, for responding to the community. I have gained so much respect for you guys at Treyarch. Keep up the great work!

  • 47. Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

    I would go with #2,#3, or #8. Those seem to be the best options in my opinion.

  • 48. Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

    Any of the changes would probably be better, but the knife is fine the way it is. It certainly isn't gamebreaking and won't cause me to rage all the time. Btw, don't remove the knife, it's an essential part of the CoD core gameplay.

  • 49. Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

    I like the idea of the gun butt, make it as quick as the knife now, but must be two kills.  But also make the knife equipment, like RB to knife.  Two hit kill from front and sides, and one hit kill from behind.  Make the hit box from behind the player small though.

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