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Need a Clan (Xbox 360)

If anyone has a decent clan with a space that needs filling, feel free too add me "xP Brad" as i need a clan as i've now got founder status and want the clan xp titles and that!

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    TnC! is recruiting. We are a small based clan focused on hardcore modes.
    We could go big but choose not too. The bigger you are the harder you fall.
    Our clan is a group of lads who are focused on one main thing that is to have a laugh.Biggest kick we get is when we thrash other clans who have a big reputation for being good.Being a small clan means we can target our stengths and the enemies weakness then exploit it!

    If this sounds like the clan for you the click on my profile and leave a message.

    K/D is not a problem as with our training and techniques we will make you better.

    If you cant reach me on the elite site then message me direct on the xbox360
    gamertag V T3RM1NAT0R V

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    JobSeekers is an Irish clan who actually need people rather then exp. We need more people and not just using them for founder status to level and then kick them.