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What's your LETHAL choice?

The original Frag is definitely solid, and we all remember playing Wetwork with Frag x3 in CoD4. Then came the awesome video by IW regarding "F"reedom "A"gainst "G"renade "S"pamming...I'm sure you got the gist of the acronym. Sure it was fun, but it was a good decision. I also thought it was a great decision to switch C4 to be similar to a grenade in the sense that you can immediately toss it without having to put your gun down and switch. Enter the Semtex as well, which appears to have overshadowed the classic Frag. Now we've added another trip system explosive with the Bouncing Betty. Will it overshadow the claymore?


So my question is...what's your LETHAL choice? Since MW2 mine has to be the C4 easily. They raped it and put it back to crap in Black Ops, but it's back to the way it should be in MW3.


Frag Grenade - 2

Semtex - 2

Throwing Knife - 0

Bouncing Betty - 4

Claymore - 0

C4 - 2