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Additions to multiplayer weapons

Now I've been thinking.... so people like zombies... and people like multiplayer... for the game makers of black ops... i cam up with a small idea.. im sure you'd have buyers too... heck i would buy this... but what if... while in multiplayer people had 'pack-a-punched' weapons.. now i know it sounds bad but listen to this... you make the warning that says it doesnt make the weapon any stronger... but you get the pack-a-punched weapong sound effect and the weapons camo that you get for the pack-a-punched weapon... rpk has that nice sound, dragonov with a nice design... no addition to the power by any means... all for multiplayer!! I would definately get that when i get money.. i play PS3 people i love zombies... not so good at multiplayer add me Suris_Ferox for you zombies players!