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Do You Have An Unusual Favorite Weapon?

With every COD, you see the blatantly dominant weapons everywhere, I find it get's really old, it's not challenging, it's too easy, it's utterly boring etc.



So I tend to lean more towards the weapons that are considered... Well, horrible. Inconsistant. Ineffective. Underpowered. Weird. Unusual. You get the idea.



I'm loving the KSG, got bored of Sniping for a bit, been running shotguns all 1st Prestige, it's completely aweful, it really is. But it's so damn satisfying when you completely devastate an enemy team mostly made up of UMP toting a$$holes with it. It's even more satisfying when you get them to the point where they are actually in lobby whinging about your ''Hacks''. lol, k.



Saw Wiggy's post relating to the upcoming rebalancing, no doubt with all the whinging the community has been doing they will be buffing the Shotguns, just hope they don't overdo it. These guns actually require what might be considered ''Skill'' to use consistantly and effectively, and that's something you won't really find with the majority of other weapons, but that's a whole different topic.



Do you have a strange, unusual favorite? (Unusual being pretty much anything that isn't the SCAR, ACR, UMP, Type 95, P90, Akimbo FMG's etc. Stuff you hardly see in the killfeed at all, if ever.)



Your favorite doesn't need to be the one you have got the most kills with, or most accurate with, just the one you generally like the most.