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Hi I am the leader of Xiled Alpha Gaming Silencio_Tesk, It is very simple to receive a clan invite you head over to our clan page and apply for an invite we will give you a try out usually we do quickscoping to try people out, The Requirements to apply for the clan is as follows: 1.00+ KD, a mic, if you are premium or founder you might not need to try out


Clan Page: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/195506



The Clan is currently lvl 16/17 with Gold Clan Tags

Clan Operations: For when ever we have a clan op i enlist into it asap and it is expected that all online premium members participate in these clan ops.



To be able to get a invite you need:


  • A Mic
  • Premium or a KD of 1.00 or higher

GameTypes we play:

  • Domination           
  • Team Death Match
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Put it all together in Ground War
  • Infected
  • Demoltion
  • Sabotage
  • Drop Zone
  • and Search And Destroy (so we can build some team skills)



When we are in progress of a clan op we play very strategically.


My PSN is Silencio_Tesk, give me a friend request with a message saying that you have applied for the clan and i will check your stats and all then we will see if you get a try out.

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