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Where are they now?

Before the game came out I couldn't turn on my laptop without seeing something about MW3. Interview After Interview was being posted onto youtube and blogs about how amazing this game is.


Since the game has been out, quite a LOT of problems have been found *Cough* Elite *Cough*


I havn't seen many apologies or explinations since.

Apart from the ELITE status page which gets updated once a month...


So what do you have to say for yourself IW/SH/BH?


And what do you guys think?

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    i think its absolutely pathetic the way they are/arent handling the communications and interactions with the community.




    more and more glitches are being found,  so called 4MB "patches/updates" are coming out, but what are they for??  


    not ONE SIGN of communications/patch notes release.


    i mean every game these guys put out have blaring glitches in them.   how is this NOT discovered pre-release?   oh yeah,  "internal-beta"... i forgot.


    i would be ashamed and embarrassed if i worked at these companies.


    so many empty promises.


    sorry,  just ranting a bit,  since my experience with this game so far hasnt been the best.

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      I agree about the Beta.  The CoD series is arguably the largest series right now.  GoW3 did a public beta which tremendously improved the game/balance/glitches.  Why can't CoD?  Is it because they pump one out every year?


      The 4MB updates you get aren't always from IW or SH.  A majority of them are from MS with compatibility updates for the game, but you're right...it would definitely be nice for ANYONE to announce what the updates are fixing.

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    CoD don't to "betas" becasue the only ones who really want a beta is the kids wanting to play the game early, not wanting to help fix bug etc.

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      They don't do a beta because you probably wouldn't buy the game after seeing all the bugs and realizing they are selling you the old game with new maps / renamed perks.


      Pay not attention to the man (craptovision) behind the curtin...