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An Idea how to significantly extend time spent with campaign

I would like to present just one notion how to SIGNIFICANTLY improve campaign and really extend its depth and replayability. You see, I love playing again and again campaign even if its short, but when you play it for the third, fourth or fifth time, you dont unlock anything, only thing you can do is to find hidden intel but it slows the pace of the game - which is kind of bad thing in action fast-paced game. What about this: 1)Add challenges like "kill 50 soldiers with a weapon with red dot attachment in campaign". Make a lot of these challenges and make a reward for completing them (see for example game Uncharted). This leads me to 2) This rewards could be 3D models of soldiers, weapons, vehicles (like in Batman games)..but I have even better idea 3) Do you remember museum from MW2 credits? How about possibility to let players to create their own, unique exhibition! Again - rewards could be soldiers (various types with various stances, weapons), background setting...this leads me to 4) if players would be able to upload these virtual museum online...


What do say? Great DLC? Feature of new CoD? Or rubbish?