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MW3: FMG9 Update


Just ran across this on YouTube from Bash.


Maybe there's hope for us on the Wii.



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    I added Akimbo FMG9's on a class today to mess around and noticed that the opening animation (both guns flipping once in both hands) is much slower than the last time I used them. Was this done on the last patch? If so, I didn't notice any "nerfing" of the guns.

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      Yeah, that may be true I don't know, but I think they're doing some small hot fixes without telling us. Either way that really won't make them less OP.


      On a side note do I have you added on MW3, I saw your name in a public match and it looked familiar so I added, and... yeah.

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      Check your perks, sleight of hand makes the animation faster

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      What i want but probably won't get.

      -Complete removal of all machine pistols or of the akimbo option

      -Nerf of the type95

      -Nerf of the PP90M1

      -Nerf of P90 rapid fire(slight fix, its like the rapid fire mpk5. Annoying, but not really OP.)

      -Complete removal of squeakers

      -Complete removal of host lag


      One can dream .

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        I like machine pistols, remove akimbo and/or nerf the FMG9's and I'll be happy, but don't take away my silenced MP9.


        IMO the P90 is worse than the PP90M1, (P90 = AK74u, PP90M1 = MP5k) but they both could use a nerf.


        You forgot lag compensation.


        No quickscoping nerf?

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    They need a 3-part mega patch to fix it right.


    1 nerf range

    2 buff shotguns

    3 move into SMG slot.

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      wtf? range? is that a joke?


      Kick is the OP proficiency.

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        On normal guns, yes, but dual weilds, no.


        The whole point is they're supposed to beat rapid fire at close range, with the absolute maximum range being 20 feet, with complete drop-off at 15, begining at 10-12, and almost no accuracy at that range, but laser before there. Then, they should be decent enough, if they were moved to the primary slot under smg's.


        The big ones are moving it to the primary SMG slot, and buffing the shotguns...


        The shotguns should have slight range disadvantage, but more power at that range with one or two shot kills. (maybe about a 12' range, while the DW's still have that 15' practical effective range)


        If they keep them as a seconday, though, they should move that back even more, to about a 15'-17' technical effective range, with a 12' practical effective range. You could almost never get kills from that range, unless you asolutely needed to.

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          First off machine pistols won't become subs they are to weak unless you add akimbo but if they were subs they wouldn't have akimbo. Second they should make shotguns as they were in MW2 because they are primarys now not secondaries. finaly range is fine as it is asc its only able to smgs and shotguns which even then will do lower damage at range than a assult rifle.