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Frame-rate for "non-hosts" GREATLY IMPROVED! THANK YOU!

I personally NEVER get host (thank god lol) but there were major framerate issues even for the non-hosts, and after this patch it seems to be fixed! which is AMAZING. It was my biggest complaint with the game, and now I feel I have no problems with the game except one thing...PLEASE BUFF THE SHOTGUNS! THEY ARE SO WEAK ITS SAD! THEY NEED A BUFF! I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH FINGERS AND TOES TO COUNT HOW MANY TIMES I'VE GOTTEN HITMARKERS ON POINT BLANK RANGE WITH A SHOTGUN. ITS RIDICULOUS! AT LEAST THE SPAS12 NEEDS A BUFF, IT SUCKS! AND I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO USING IT SOO BADLY.


That is all, see you online, "Lumps."