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Weapon Balance

After playing this game for a few weeks now, I've pretty much enjoyed it for the most part. However, there are a few things that I think can be done to make it even more enjoyable.


- Reduce Type 95 damage from 55 per bullet to 45 per bullet. This still grants this gun a very good possiblity of a one burst kill without making it too powerful. When only 2 bullets need to connect out of 3, I find myself getting killed in very close quarters from this gun more often than I should when using SMGs or Shotguns.


- Reduce damage and range of FMG-9 Akimbo. A single FMG-9 is no big deal. But when these are used akimbo, they are more powerful than shotguns and even many SMGs in close quarters and are surprisingly good even at mid-range. And they're also secondary weapons. The secondary weapons should not outclass any of the primary weapons, in my opinion.


- Slightly increase damage of pump-action shotguns. I know that these guns become much more lethal when equipped with range/damage proficiencies, but I can't stand the frustrating amount of hitmarkers I get until then. I should not lose the amount of point-blank gun fights with shotguns that I do after landing the first hit.


- Slightly increase explosive damage. Look, I hate noobtubers as much as the next guy, but when I throw a frag into a room full of people only to get a hitmarker and a handful of assists, I think there's an issue. I don't think that it's a good idea for explosives to be weakened to the point that they are and to have a perk to counter explosive damage. It seems to me that Blast Shield is almost a useless perk considering you'll rarely die from one explosive anyways.


I think if Infinity Ward / Sledgehammer Games were to implement these changes, MW3 would be one of the most balanced CoDs to date. I know not everyone is going to agree with me and that there will be a lot of people saying I just suck at this game or that I complain too much, but I'm just putting my opinion out there as I know IW/SH wants to hear feedback and I would like to hear your feedback as well.


Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I appreciate any feedback.

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    No sorry i do not agree with the T95 being buffed. Theres a thread on here as long as your arm about it, it has its weakness which if it isnt obvious to you.... well please stop playing this game its clearly not suited to you.

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    I don't have any problem with the T95 but most people do so I suppose nerfing it is no problem (personally I think it is a highly over rated gun and it doesn't impress me much). But I agree 100% with the akimbo FMG9s. This gun is outrageously overpowered in my opinion at medium ranges. I get at close range that two guns being wielded Rambo style in an arcade military FPS should r@pe. But if I am losing fire fights against it consistently at medium range when I am using an assault rifle... that is when I have a problem. Medium range in my opinion being anywhere between 20ft. And 50ft. estimated in the game. And my accuracy in game is about 18% using only fully auto assault rifles and SMGs so I am a decent shot. From 10ft. and closer, keep the akimbo FMG9s as is. But lower the accuracy and power considerably from 20ft. and further. No way those guns should be that accurate and powerful at medium range.

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    Thanks for the feedback. As for willfal's comment, I'm not going to stop playing a game because it "isn't suited for me." The whole point of this post is that the game should be suited to multiple playstyles, and rushing with a shotgun, one of my favorite ways to play, just isn't really effective in this game. Assault Rifles have always been the most versatile weapons, and I'm just wishing that shotguns stood a chance against them.